Friday, March 3, 2017

More days like this ~

There are a few days in my life which I want to hold up forever. Those days which you later remember quite clear. Those memories earn totally my attention and I can feel like if I could stay there again. This week I obtained another memory cannot be easily erased.

When the people are working always are complained because they can't make something with their life (I was one of them) but when the same people are out of work then they don't make anything worth with their life. Well, since 2 weeks I'm unemployed and one day in this week I decided to make things that I never could make when I was working.  Seeing a dawn... 

Have you ever seen a dawn? Never! I haven't ever seen a dawn but I got my opportunity and it was amazing. In fact, this dawn what I saw wasn't the perfect dawn because it was cold and it was a little raining, but I got the better company and the most attitudes. Yes that I could stay in my warm bed, it was seven o'clock and outside it was cold, but I thought: "If I don't make this thing right now... I don't know about future, so it's better making it today." My honey quitted complaining; we had a couple of apples and went outside. We faced the wind, clashed against the sharp cold and found protection under our umbrella.

It was wonderful and don't want to forget it, never. We like walking but we like most walking in mountain and that is what we did. We went at the mountain holding our hands each other and went finding the most beautiful dawn. We found something else, something more important. We found a new memory for treasure. We were surrounded by trees and bushes, the sky passed of black towards blue, the drizzle stopped and we got beautiful pictures.

  No doubt I want to repeat this day again.

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