Friday, March 10, 2017

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone [Book]

Good day for all of you. Before finished the last year, I proposed myself one thing. “I’m going to read Harry Potter again” Of course I am not going to read them in a hurry so I read the first and now I’m going to write a couple things here.

It was amazing, fifteen hours of pure pleasure. Every year I re-read Harry Potter and I always enjoy as it was the first time.  This story is amazing and I’m amazed and if I could press an imaginary button into my mind for remove my memories, I could do it only for to repeat this experience like the first time. Joanne K. Rowling… What I am going to do with such woman? Fantastic… These seven books exude magic with every page.  

There are still people that don’t know about this child and his secret, a secret that even he doesn’t know.  Not yet. For all of them, I’m going to write a little plot, but I warn you, any plot about these books are spoiler.  No matter what plot you read, you will get spoiler into all of them so, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ok, here we go!


Harry has a miserable life. He’s an orphan who lives with his uncle Vernon, his aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley. They don’t love Harry therefore the little Harry has his bedroom under the stairs into a narrow space with dust and spiders. They hate each other. Harry has his glasses always broken, his clothes are always too much big and he cannot take friends because his cousin hit every boy and girl who wants to make a friendship with Harry. Within Dursley’s house there are rules. Harry cannot speaks, is forbidden make questions about his parents, his clothes will be handed-down from his fat cousin, of course.  The eleventh Harry’s birthday is coming and stranger things start to happen. It will be begin with a letter and the life of Harry will be changed for ever. 

It’s very possible my plot is the only plot without the more important spoiler. Congratulations if you are a new person and this is your first time reading a plot about Harry. I beg you, please, don’t look others plot, for your sake.

What makes you think this book is focused on young boys and girls? Dear, don’t let anybody kidding you. This book appears like a child book, but don’t let those opinions bring you down, read it for yourself. The boy who lives has a long way for walking and if you want walking with him, you will find out wonderful adventures, magic, the power of friendship, darkness and strong light. They are seven books and they are capable of taking your breath, I sure you.  

I was one of those people who saw its movies and I thought these books are insignificant. Certainly, I began to read this very book long years ago, but that isn’t my moment, I took this book off and I decided it’s boring. Ok, I was a big silly but Today I can admit these books are the best! Goodness, I was a whole month reading these seven books!! I could put them down. 

The first thing it took my attention was how uncle Vernon was frowned looking strange people with strange clothes and strange words. Was there a cat stared at uncle Vernon? Could that cat understand him? Everything was weird and that is what I take my chance. I wanted more!

Hogwarts… (Sigh) Can that place do exist? Marvelous… I couldn’t imagine that place even into my wonderful dreams. Ever. I want to visit someday something like that, making the same, wearing the same and studying the same!  Diagon Alley is the most beautiful place as well. Unbelievable.

Whatever may pass, thinking about it if you enjoy the adventures, fantasy, and suspense. Harry Potter and his friends are a good option.  



  1. MysteriousGentlemanMarch 18, 2017 at 8:55 PM

    What a wonderful article, Miss Josephine. I love everything you have said about the book. It's true it's a magical book. And you are right, if we didn't know anything about these books, every little twist would be a huge surprise. Because Rowling has created an amazing story filled with a lot of surprises. And, how you said, it's not just a book for kids, it has a lot of good lessons for adults too and many interesting messages inside. Great article!

    1. Thank you very much indeed!
      It's a wonderful book and I'm so happy for read it.
      Every little twist? Goodness! I was about to eat my blanket in every "little twist" hahaha.

      I hope see you again soon, MysteriousGentleman.


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