Friday, August 25, 2017

Sapphire Blue [2# Precious stone trilogy]

 It seemed a great day...
 I was watched: H2O just add water.
 Today I heard music only from my head.
 At last, the weather is less hot than usual.
 I need less thinking and more praying.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I'm going to miss... ✿♥‿♥✿

 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,

for to you I entrust my life. 

Psalm 143:8 

I'm going to miss your delicate touch on mine.
That thing I feel when you stroking my cheek as if that was the most delicate thing you have ever touched.
I can close my eyes and feel as if those moments were here in this right now. I can cry and be sure that you'll wipe my tears away with your thumb.
Looking at your round and golden-brown eye when we meet each other and you spread the most wonderful smile on your gorgeous face. My heart gets warm immediately and I need feel it closer, so I lift my hand to your cheek and this is stretched forever.

It's something magical or a blessing being with you everyday and I realize how too many times you walk straight forward me and take me into your loving arms. I lean my head on your chest while you stroke it with one hand and with extreme caution, I feel all myself enveloped with your other arm. I like to smell your throat and to hear your giggle as the answer. I'd just wish to throw myself to you and cling my arms at your neck forever. It can't be done in such a short time span, I need more time to miss you.

I'm going to miss your wake up every morning and your fingers seeking my tickles. I never know how to wriggle out of it because you know, I can hardly stand that situation and at the same moment, I don't want you to stop ever. Seeing you and smiling, it seems something natural for myself. Seeing you seeking my hand when we are out, it's quite a something. Then you reach it, holding tightly and both laugh at the same time. Could you ever walk without holding my hand? I hope not. I think we would loose our way if some day we are going to walk without holding our hands.

Stay by my side a little bit longer and make me laugh just as you know. Kiss me when I don't notice your presence and stole kisses from me when I don't realize that the moment is coming. Ask me about the weather and let small letters of love on my keyboard sometimes. Bring me close to you and whisper in my ear those songs that seem sung by you. I'll smile and stretch my lips forever if later you press yours over mine stronger and fervently than ever. All these things can't be done in such a short time span, I need more time to miss you. I need to reach you a bit more, to learn all your thoughts, to hear what you have to say even if we are going to have some argues. Don't hold your tongue.

I want to know those secret places on your body that I don't know yet, here or in other places, I don't care where. I want to know how sparkling are your eyes under the most beaming sun and under the most lovely moon. How your hair blowing in the light breeze on the beach shore or under some trees on the mountains. I desire to stare you while you stare at me when those beautiful eyes of yours burn in fire for me. Those marvelous eyes... I'd like to look inside them, to know how they think if they are some different at any other part of you. Those eyes talk to me without words, I can see how clever and outstanding they are. If those eyes could speak... tell me, what would they tell me?

It's your little bit tousled hair and the shadow of your beard that you look more dazzling than ever, like today, I couldn't put my eye over anything but you. There you were, smiling at me with shining eyes and white pearl. I had to kiss you intensely and later answer the butcher about our order. You make me like that., so I blame you. I blame you for my butterflies in my stomach and for wishing your delicate touch over me. I blame you for being just as you are, for teaching me and loving me just as I am. I just do love you than any other living person on this earth and give thanks, big thanks at Jesus for this.

I'm going to miss the not having met you before.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ruby Red [1# Precious stone trilogy]

 I'm a puddle because of the hot from out there
 My base feels strong enough
 I'm going to eat a hamburger!
 I'm watching: Sabrina, the teenage Witch 4 season
 My only master is the only one can teach me what I do wrong or right and that is God. Because the people want their own justice which is favorable themselves.

What a pleasure read this trilogy again. I finished the first one and I'd like to feel the same feelings like the first time I read it, well, that is impossible but I enjoyed almost the same. Precious stone trilogy is, surely, one of my favorite series from teenage books, the other one is The lunar chronicles (which I'm going to re-read sooner or later again) I simply could not put this book down, I had to read every minute I could as fast as I could because I was very busy and worried by a member of the household and I could read all the time. So! I took every moment I could I read and read and read until I got to sleep. But, we're not going to much further, let's go with the plot!


Gwenyth is just a member of a big family with a great history. The women of her family can jump into time-travels, just a few of them. Now is her cousin who has the privileged gene and since she was a child, her cousin has been taking too many lessons preparing herself for the time-travel. Learning foreign languages, fencing lessons, strange and old dances, protocol and manners as such. The big surprise is going to happen when Gwenyth finds herself dizzy on the street in London and at the next second, she finds herself on the street but in a very different London. What is she afraid of? She wasn't prepared for such kind of thing and that discovery pushes her into a others mysteries. What kind of secret hide all people? Gwenyth is going to sort too many things out.

Maybe you remember "Romeo and Juliet" because exist, two families, one against the other. The men from the de Villiers have the gene and the Montrose family by women so the circle of twelve precious stone is complete with the last birth, Gwenyth. Each person is linking with a gem or jewel and Gwenyth is the Ruby. Why? We don't know (yet). And this two families are different opinions, normally, and fight each other. The female character is Gwenyth from the Montrose family and the male character is from the de Villiers. Did you get it? Ok.

These twelve people carried the gen are quite important. They can jump into time-travel thanks to a little machine where they drop a bit of their blood. The secret is revealed as the machine has the twelve kinds of blood but now is totally impossible because the first machine was stolen from the guardians and with the second one there's to recollect the blood again. However, not everyone wants to give their blood now, because they were warned that they don't do it. The matter is, the circle of blood mustn't be closed and the secret mustn't be revealed. Why? Why!.

Isn't it so interesting? Well, maybe I didn't give you a lot of clues, but this book is full of mystery, all full of questions and misunderstandings that you have to read for yourself. You'll find love within the pages, yes, but in spite of that, the mystery and the agitation of the situation are more important. Yes, exist a handsome guy with great green eyes will join you into the time-travel business and of course, your knee will shiver as he was near to Gwenyth, but! But the mystery will be the great matter.

About its adaptation: Please, I can just beg you. Don't ever, don't at least after to read the entire series, watch the adaptations!! Be careful because they are a bunch of spoilers for you. They'are going to tell you things that won't happen until the next book and the whole movie is too much overdone and exaggerated. A lot of things don't even happen ever into the books and you can hold up ideas that don't even exist ever. It's such a disaster. Please, read the books first. Only this first adaptation reveals you the whole end of the series! This first book keeps you in tenterhooks and step by step the mystery will be solved.

Ruby red (original name: Rubinrot) [2009]
Author: Kerstin Gier
Pages: 336
Time-travel novel
Series: Precious Stone 1#

Friday, August 4, 2017

It was a night beach

We were coming back at home after a perfect evening strolling close to the beach, spending a fantastic time visiting little cute shops, you know, those shops like other in places like the beach.
We took some time taking a seat on a place when our legs were hanging, I liked that, it made me feel child.
It was getting late and we got the way to go home, we arrived at there by road but we got back in a different way, by the shore of the beach.

There are only a few moments in our lives when I realize that there's no camera capable of to take those pictures. There's no even machine with enough power for capturing those feelings. It's those feelings link to those pictures as I realize there's nothing between us. It exists that moment. stepping the sand with our naked feet, holding our hands tightly, feeling the light breeze stroking our smiling faces and loose hair as upon us the sky is speckled with little white clouds which seem more vaulted than ever. It seems also almost as near as far. We were all alone there under the jet blue black sky seeing each other, giving us kisses like a big great present of love, making new vows with burning eyes.

There was just one little thing hanging out there in the dark sky, already. The full moon was the faithful witness of our love. When the night spread its black sheet across the sky, over the little waves that kissed the bleached sands, when the sea was calmed down, the moon cried. The moon cried, speechless while heard our vows of love. We could see its tears splattering the little waves, splashed us with its blessing on us, Oh! How faithful and special the moon was! There up, so high in the sky, behold everything and every person under itself and not always its crying was of happiness. Usually, there are more sorrowful tears in its big eyes than any others.
But that night... Oh, that night those tears were pure pleasure.
There was the white pearl, listening very closely, staring us and encouraging us to follow our hearts. I would have wanted to bottle up some tears from it, but I realized that the moon never would be caught by simple mortals and its perfect place would be always out there taking a seat over us like a demure princess or like a perfect listener.

Yes, like I said. There are only a few moments in our short life as even the paper isn't enough.

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