Friday, December 15, 2017

The gift of living

 Christmas is just around the corner.
Brace yourself, Miss Josephine.
 Reading: I'm trying to finish "Winter" since September
 Listening: Set me free [Casting Crowns]
 Watching: Hallmark Christmas movies.

Recently I was talking with a good friend, her way of living let me think for a long time. I was a bunch of feelings and I wanted to put them in an order so I needed to think about it.  I was happy, sad, angry, disappointed, ashamed and too many feelings more that I couldn't put a name. I needed to talk with God first and my head was steamed already. At the end, I finished feeling a bit more miserable than another feeling.

My friend has chronic leukaemia for 16 years and she decided that wouldn't give her life up and she would arrange fall in love with a good guy and have three kids. Do you know how many problems she had having babies with her disease? She went on knowing the problems but there she is, living with her husband and her three beautiful and healthy kids. Thank God.

I was thinking how simple my life is, my life as a simple healthy mortal. I take my life for granted simply I don't have such problems or any other and seems I can being lazy and waste my life in rubbish while other people, like my friend, know that never will see their dreams come true because their lives will be taken before mine. These people don't waste their lives on rubbish because they know the worth of living. Shame on me. What are you doing with your life? What are you thinking about your lifestyle?

I woke up every morning and I get mad at my husband or I can complain all day along about any rubbish because I'm sure enough that I'll have tomorrow for solving my problems. If I was like my friend, just open my eyes every morning would be put my kneel down and I would give thanks and thanks again and again. I would worth every argues with my husband and I would solve it instantly that very moment. I wouldn't get angry so easily for every rubbish around me and I would try to smile every minute. I would swat every negative thought, I would forgive without pride and in the end, my life would be better than is now.

Then, do I wish to get any disease? No, of course, I don't but I'd like to wake up every morning giving thanks for my life, kissing my husband until getting his frustration. I would do my best at everybody and put aside foolishness easily because to me, every day counts as if it was the last day of my life. I'm not meaning live the life in a bad way like contaminating my body or life my living in a selfish way. I mean, live my life giving and giving. Giving time to God and being thankful. Giving to my husband my love and watering it. Giving good thoughts to my family and friends. Giving love and breaking misunderstanding apart and helping the needed people. Without a doubt, we would all live better, without struggles, madness or living like a divided family.

Celebrate the life, but not just you. Encourage more people with you to celebrate the life but never in a selfish way. Be happy and make happiness.

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's winter.

 What treasure waits within Your scars
This gift of freedom gold can't buy
I bought the world and sold my heart
You traded heaven to have me again.

[Hillsong -Touch the sky]

It's winter here and too many things are happening in my life. New problems that it seems like old ones. I felt lonely and I wanted to give everything up. I didn’t  see myself pulling this time off. I didn’t  want to celebrate happy days, I was gloomy, I missed so much my family. I thought that if I didn’t have my family by my side I didn’t want to celebrate anything. I understood something, part of that family was with me already, so I was blind and I was watching the pain in my other part of my family. God remembers me again something important. I had my family right here, my loving husband will never abandon me but maybe I was who want to be apart from him because of my sadness. I had right reasons, I could celebrate whatever I wanted and that’s what I did. To celebrate my days with him and it was unforgettable and wonderful. I didn’t  think it could be like it was. God tore that veil covering my eyes and I saw it there, smiling me and led me again. 

It was to be a sad Christmas time, I didn’t even think about it. I was surrounded by problems more and more and I was disposed to forget every beautiful day. I was going to pretend that everything was okay, my face was reflecting my bad condition and I was taking everything for granted. After taking a good decision, in my opinion, this Christmas time will be almost perfect also my feelings are changing better and better and the more I think about my situation, the less I care about. What do I have a God for? He’s more powerful and smarter than me. I’d better let myself on his hand and trust more in who knows what is good for me. 

This Christmas time is going to be wonderful. I made new things, getting back things I used to love and not just inside my family, out of them something that I didn’t expect is holding me up. I think I like that. I changed the way I was seeing my life and now I’m seeing everything completely different. I see this month with God’s eyes and it seems something I want to hold always. It’s something that warms my heart. This year is about to finish but I’m starting something new again, something that I want to uphold near me. I’m not going to wish that I could live like this ever, I’m going to work for it, I could get used to this so that I don’t forget this feeling.  I’d rather think that God has something new for me for the next year. I love that and the same time I’m afraid for the unknown.   

Friday, December 1, 2017

Murder is easy by Agatha Christie

 It's raining and thundering, like a dream...
 I'm listening to the odd and far of the sound of the falling water.
 I feel like to read Harry Potter.
 I have my cup of chamomille warming my hands
 Big day today.

I'm always waiting for reading books from Agatha Christie but, do you know what is I waiting the most? I'm always waiting for reading books from Hercule Poirot but not this time. Actually, I'm reading Agatha's book in chronological order and my next book was "Hercule Poirot's Christmas" and we're still in summer... bummer.
So I took that book, put it aside and I'll save it for winter. I want to read that book in the middle of the cold and sharp winter. So! Here we are with the next book in this order. Murder is easy:

Luke Fitzwilliam was on the train with an old woman listening to her wild story about how easy is murder when you have murdered four people already. This old woman talks to Luke about the next murder on someone named Dr. Humbleby but Luke thinks that old woman is a bit crazy. When he saw in the newspaper that that man is dead Luke open his eyes and that old woman became an object of his curiosity.

I love how often, Agatha is capable of to mingle the crime and the love in the same book creating from something terrible as is pluck the life from someone, something good and beautiful as is the birth of the love between a man and a woman. It’s like sowing the most beautiful flowers on a gravelled path. It’s seems something impossible but to God nothing is impossible.

The beginning was, in my opinion, a little slow and even I got a bit bored but of course, I didn’t give the book up and I went on with the story. I enjoyed the last chapters the most. That way to unearth the murderer as the last murder is revealed. I never know who the bad guy is when I take a book from Agatha; this is something I’m sure of. You know those people who always know who the murder is? I don’t know how they know that! The more I read books from this woman, the less I know who the bad guy could be.

Well, better for me because in that way I always get the surprise and I like being surprised.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Hunters 2013

 I feel I could help you if you let me do it.
 I feel half sad, half motivated.
 Learning, always learning.
 Listening: What a beautiful name it is {Hillsong}
 Reading: The Chronicles of Narnia #1 {C. S. Lewis}

I dart myself into this movie because I was waiting to see more about princes' Disney artifacts and I don't know, something else, but in the end, I wasn't satisfied with this result. I'm not happy and when Slappy isn't happy, bad things may happen.

The Krugen is a powerful villain-crazed who wants rule the world. The artifacts from fairy tales exist and they have enough power to control the world but his trying to take those artifacts are thwarted by two young adventurers that want find their parents beside Dylan, the young and beautiful neighbor, the only one who knows the secrets of this Hunters family.

It wasn't too bad, I just waited for something more... I was just waiting to see more about the artifacts. Here, appears the sliper's Cinderella, the Wolf from Little riding hood and the most powerful artifact they are looking for is the famous "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
Oh yes! Exactly, you are right and this mirror belongs to Snow White's Stepmother. Because this mirror has the most potent power and who possess it, will have the control over the world, you know, as always these sort of movies can recapitulates like:
Rescue the dame,
kill the bad guy
and save the world.
What do you think? I think it's a good resume, isn't it?

In fact, if you haven't seen this movie, you are not missing much. It's something half "Indiana Jones" half "The Librarian". You may see with your family or may not, it's entertained and you won't have any shame watching it with your children.

Friday, November 17, 2017

At home in Mitford {Hallmark}

 When you have a problem, no matter what is its size, the best you can do is, always, try to find a solution.
 The fair is here and I can tell you I can have fun without alcohol, for sure.
 I'm eating the most wonderful chocolate sandwich.
 Improving my life with Jesus by my side.

She (Cynthia) is a famous writer and leave Boston with her cat, Violet, precious cat by the way, because of the noise and as such. Now she’s living there in Mitford in her uncle’s cottage before she put it on the market writing her new book while her neighbor (Father Tim) is bothering with his new eat-flowers dog.

Such a beautiful, quiet, small town and a little kind of rural village, you know, those parties at night with wires of bulbs lighting light and wonderful music for dance very close. A fantastic place to make out picnics under big trees and when you can make friends very soon. Everybody knows everyone and talks about everything that happens in the town, so of course, there are no secrets.

Cynthia (Andie Macdowell) has the writer’s block, she doesn’t have good ideas and it starts getting her worry. Father Tim, an episcopal priest with dating is ok, knows her problem because he has a gift talking with people and gave her some advice very useful. So, I can't tell you anything more, I would like shouting you what happens next, but if this movie comes from Hallmark, I'm so sure you know the end.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Storm

I was hearing it. It was behind me. The storm. The storm was trailing me, was persecuting me as if I was the prey or a good bite for breakfast. I didn't want to believe, but there it was. I didn't want to feel, but my heart was pounding. 

I was running, my time was almost up also my fear was taking control of me and I couldn’t able to think clearly. The storm was behind me. The light from its lightning bolt scared me out and that streak of forked lightning made me jump. No words came to my dry mouth because if I would have opened it my heart would have bound out.

Those voices in the middle of the desert meadow were shouting my name, the storm was behind me, however, sometimes it seems to be anywhere like in that meadow staring at me being invisible. Those hoarse voices were blowing my mind, those voice calling me were arising in the air, crashing into the storm and bringing its anger to me. My legs cramped up while I was running, but I couldn’t stop myself. The wild wind pushed me away in each jump of my running, thankful for that wind helping me to run even faster.

It’s raining!” I thought. Holding my breath all of a sudden it was not raining, it was bucketing down and all weight of the water was falling down over me. My legs were so tired but I couldn’t stop, not yet, I couldn’t while the storm was groaning behind me asking for my life, take advantage of me, wanting to eat me fiercely. My heart could stop beating any moment because of the pain in my breast.

I at last stop running, "It's no use" I thought "I'm so exhausted, my lungs are on fire and I don't feel my legs anymore" as a matter of fact, I couldn't feel any muscle anymore. The ground was too much squishy and the mud was covering my jeans, so my clothes weighed a lot. "I must face the storm"

I turned on my heels, scolded at the storm, my ears bled off because of the unnatural moaning from the core of the storm. The wild wind went on warming me with its pushing, but I didn't want to run away anymore, I didn't even take a side that fight. Squinting my eyes I saw something strange up there among the black gloomy clouds, little voices asking me help. There were crying and shouting in a distortion way. There were people up there.

As my last chance, I stop myself I couldn't even breathe right. There, when I couldn't even uphold myself when I had admitted that I couldn't stand that situation, there, the wind wrapped me up and gave me a bit part of its strength and knowledge. Now I knew how to break those clouds apart and take my victory. "Let's go and take me there" My feet arose leaving the mud ground after me, put my eyes on the rarefied sky, hoisted my arms widely, and with all his confidence I took my part in the fight. Yes, because I could, I didn't be alone. I was found the way to get that confidence and that was My Father.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Monkey's paw {Book}

 The weather is changing at last...
 I'm changing too.
 Listening: Eleanor Rigby {The Beatles}
 Watching: Annie {1982}
 Reading: Murder is easy {Agatha Christie}

What would you wish if you had a monkey's paw?
What a sad and interesting story in here and how many TV shows, like The Simpson, have made differents sketches. Wow! At the very first sight this story could wow you, I'm sure at the beginning this story was impressive at too many people. How do three wishes can change your like? Three wishes that turn off your life. No doubt this monkey's paw can make that.

After I read the little tale I think on my wishes and I'd better shut my mouth up because the monkey's paw could do whatever bad thing with them. I could make the purest wish and it could become the worst thing ever as if the monkey's paw would make those things on purpose, don't you think?

How does it possible you make a simple wish and it ends so terribly? It does, yeah.
How does it possible? Incredible! Each wish you would make it would turn into the worse reward. Goodness me! How does is possible? And for goodness saket hey were just three wishes, one more and the earth would blow up. Don't you think the monkey's paw works with logic? I mean, If you need a car and you say at the monkey's paw: "I need a better car" Tomorrow you'll see how your brother dies in a traffic accident and you inherit his car. Or you need a big amount of money, so the monkey's paw sets fire on your secured house and the next day you receive the money.

Now you get the gist you can understand how works the monkey's paw. That thing gives the creeps...

Could I encourage you to read the little tale? Maybe if our wishes are less selfish the monkey's paw doesn't turn them into a miserable reward.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Autumn Dreams ~Hallmark~

 I'm peaceful and thankful
 I learned a new song from Hillsong. I love it!
 I'm glad to stay here again.
 Listening: Thank you Jesus {Hillsong}

They were young, reckless and fallen in love with each other, but Annie was so young, only 18. Her father was in time to cancel their wedding. 15 years later she, mysteriously, still married and her, far away, husband Ben, sent her an act of divorce. How can it possible? What’s happening? They’re going to set a meeting and the problems are going to start.

You know, this movie matches perfectly well with Persuasion by Jane Austen. You know, they were engaged and someone important in the bride’s family break up their relationship, now, fifteen years later (eight to Persuasion) they have a meeting and fell in love in again.  

So! Annie and Ben ran away from her family farm to elope. It’s suppose was be cancel and now each one has a person to get married but those experience are really hard to forget. So I'm really sure you know how happens next, right? It's so easy and as long as these movies are from Hallmark, you'll know the end.

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