Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Flash {season 1}

 I feel quite tired even when I slept well
 This morning will be busy
 Listening: If you only knew {Sidewalk Prophets}
 Watching: Sabrina the teenager witch 2º season
 Cold in the morning, hot at the evenings.
 "I would prefer winter all year" I can't stand summer...


I’m not a great fan of those new heroes from Hollywood (either before, actually, but I think I could watch them a little more happy) About “Avengers” “Spiderman” “Guardians of the Galaxy” "Iron man"…  They bored me to death, I think I didn’t even finish either of them.  But! Here go a great and big but, I amazed with this “little” hero who it seems not many people has in their minds. The blur, the streak, the Flash gave another point of view about heroes (maybe because this isn't coming from Hollywood? We’re going to see what will happen with him soon, anyway) 

Like always I don’t want to see any series and my husband do, it’s later when he’s coming like that: “You have to see this, is amazing. I didn’t expect anything of it. Wow, today it was… I don’t have words enough. I’m about to watch it for the second time, d’you wanna…?” Ok, I could try- I say always. It happens because my husband knows me and sometimes this is creepy, sometimes it seems he can know me better than myself. *goosebumps* And that is what happened and this is true, so I enjoyed this hero like ever and I think it deserves a few lines here.

This is a free zone of spoilers. I don’t want to spoil you anything, I’d like you to enjoy step by step like I did because of it worth it and deserves your whole attention.  All of it is about Barry, Barry Allen our blur, streak, Flash and how his childhood became to hell and thanks to his father’s friend Barry could have a new home. Something happened that you are going to find out, but not by my hand, sure and it’ll be a blast. Barry Allen today is a great person, works beside his step-father and somehow, Barry will be the Flash, what is happening later? You are not going to believe it.  

Barry Allen is a nice person, with a big heart, sometimes naïve and he doesn’t care cry when he has to. Barry is friendly and seems more human being than others superheroes. When I see Barry only another man come up, Peter Parker by Sam Raimi. They are kind, almost with a clear personality, empathy, and thoughtful. He isn't going to need rude manners or to be prepotent or sarcasm.
Seriously, his life was very sad and today, his is trying to make a lot of things for help and in his way, Barry is going to find the best and wonderful people ever like Caitlin, Cisco and Dr. Wells. They are awesome, and their minds work together. They are always helping Barry and each other, but don’t relax, since the first episode you are going to be sticking at the couch. Big things will happen and you’ll be more and more amazed and hungry for find out more things. Do you think Barry is the star here? Oh, you are so wrong. There’s something more important than The Flash and it’s S.T.A.R. labs. My mind blew in every episode, when I thought I knew something then I saw l was wrong and never was enough.

The last 4 episodes are awesome, gorgeous, and you cannot blink because so many things are going to happen and you can’t fall to sleep. Well, anyway, you could not falling to sleep, actually, you will see the four of them one after one because you’ll get freaked out every moment.  Believe me.

Ok! I hope I get your attention and if by any chance you watch this first season, please, come back and tell me what are your thoughts. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Beauty and the Beast {2017} A to I

 I'm listening: Transfiguration {Hillsong}
 I'm watching season 2 "Sabrina, teenage witch"
 I feel so lazy down today.
 The sun is warm and the sky is totally clear.
 I'm sneezing so much... weird.

Goody! There you here, one day more reading me. Thank you a lot. Because I must say several things from this movie today and they are not friendly. Yes, my review isn't it going to be nice. So, are you ready for reading another point of view? Because there are so many people with the same opinion, I think.

The movie has a good and fantastic moral which is finding the beauty within (or at least that was the message in the original 1991 which is based on a french story) I think you must know the plot of this movie, she is the most beautiful girl in her village and beast is punishment for to be thoughtless with an old woman who just wanted shelter by the bitter cold. Now, both of them will learn a valuable lesson. Belle will find the beauty within the beast and the beast will learn to love.

See? So beautiful. This is a perfect story for everyone and every child. Don't be so prejudge at the beginning and wait for knowing more about the people. Well, until this moment everything seems so perfect. Ok, now let's go for this horribleness movie. Yes, you are reading very well all of this. Goodness me! How the people just dare to compare this one with its original from 1991? I can't believe it, really, I can't. Ok, come on in if you want because I have nothing good for to say about this movie. Nothing. And this isn't my problem, I was getting ready for watching that movie, getting ready for enjoying, but this new age and its way to create modernity crossed my face one more time again. Because the things are living in the past can't stay like that when people pick up nowadays.

A) At the beginning, the storyteller is cold, almost without feelings for the story she is telling us. Her voice is so much noisy. The worst thing is she is been interrupted all time and with that, I think that isn't the very good way to tell a story. Do you remember that serious and surrounding voice from that man? stressing his words and giving goosebumps Because I do.

B) I'm going to tell you what was my first thinking when Belle sings at the first time: Foolishness.
I thought: There are things that are impossible to pick up from an animation movie at another with real people. So foolishness I had to stifle a laugh. Did I want this? No, of course, but I did.

C) This is a big production makes by rush. The movie gets speed minute after minute and that is one reflection the place where are living. A world makes by speed every day.It seems we can bore to death if the movie had a normal velocity. We are lost the capable of finding enjoy un long frames, fewer actions, and more conversations. Pity, because this means we won't enjoy classic and slowly movies anymore.

D) The most I was waiting for this movie was the scenes, decorations because of the rest of the film, the story I knew it. I was eager for watching the castle, the village, the woods. Ok, that was so much and I mean so excessively loaded. They have so many details my eyes were getting crazy, I didn't know what see because there were so many things. Sometimes you can get better results with fewer things.

E) Why Gaston seems so lame and LeFou his boss? Why is a fashion to create lame villain? Gaston always was a rude person, selfish, unkind, quite confidence and no one could take control over his. Now he takes advice from LeFou and hits old men... seriously?
What's the point from the Beast? aren't we supposed that the beast has to be scary? Well, I didn't see anything of it. Really! He seemed to hesitate from time to time, above all at the beginning. Oh, that is shameless, the version from 1991 didn't deserve this.
I just have no words for describing Belle, well, wait, just a few of them: Insipid, passionless, and I'm fed with the great topic about "The girls are warriors" Seriously, the feminism is murdering so many things nowadays. She has to do almost all the work, practically and that is wrong! Because this is a sharing lesson.

F) What happened with the music? Where is it when the moments need it? Where is that boost that all we need for feeling our tears or fears or whatever? Where? I wonder if it's shameless as well.

G) I'm going to explain to you what means "Filled out" into any movie. That means the story can continue without some scenes perfectly because those "filled out" don't impede the main story move forward. That's ok? Good! Because I'm going to show you to filled out. Did is really necessary talk about beast's mother and Belle's mother? No, it wasn't. Why? You can remove those stories and the story is totally capable of to advance without any problem, above all because no one makes any mention of it later, so, it was completely unnecessary.

H) Talk to how the camera can focus on irrelevant things when at the same time something relevant is happening. The end of the movie is coming and at last, we are going to see how the beast become human again and what happens in the middle of his transformation, when our eyes cannot even blink? The camera changes its focus and goes out for seeing the scene so far. Bravo! Because yes, there is something more important out the castle than the transformation in this very moment.

I) How is possible I could feel more magic in the Beauty and the Beast 1991 than the new one? I could feel more love, more good feelings, warmer. With a good screenplay full of moral value and a good message for child and adults. How is possible I could feel more love between characters make with animation more than these real people? I didn't see love.
 I had time to think while I watched the scenes and time to enjoy the moment. Now all I watched is a movie in a hurry, with strong effects, a heap of glitter (sometimes I feel like a moth pulls toward the brilliant lights) and empties messages.

That's all. Sorry about that, but this is that I really think.

Friday, July 7, 2017

God and the Sheep.

Often we can see in the Bible how God at being human like sheep. We can see, too, God attend us like a sheep. When you’re going to read the Bible, you have to see that old time and understand the thoughts when Jesus walked on the Earth. Working like shepherd was a common work. 

Why does Jesus compare us like a sheep?
a) The sheep are always defenseless against its depredators. 
You can see a dog and its sharp fang or an elephant fights with its trunk. You can see a hedgehog with sharp thorns or a bee with its sting. What happens with the sheep? Beee. The sheep bleats. We're born naked and we don't have any weapon in our bodies. 

b) The sheep are clumsy animals.
You can see by yourself how the being human stumbles on the same stone over and over. Making wrong decisions and it seems we like being in the middle of the troubles. 

c) The sheep are totally dependent animals.
The point is we don't know being alone. We always need someone by our side for protection. for love. We need feel safe and always are searching company. We love being with the others peoples.  
We are a slave of ours desires, we are always thinking about our wishes. I'd like a new car o to be a famous singer. The sheep are always depending on its owner. Whenever he goes, they go too. 

Now ¿what happens with a sheep without a shepherd? 
It will be naked without a weapon against an attack.
It will be clumsy on the road and fall on the sharp stones and have wounds.
It will be lost because it won't have anyone to follow a good path and in the end, the sheep will fall for the cliff.

What can a good shepherd do? Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures,he leads me beside quiet waters,he refreshes my soul.He guides me along the right pathsfor his name’s sake.Even though I walk through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil,for you are with me;your rod and your staff,they comfort me.

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