Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nancy Drew #1: The secret of the old clock

 Hi fellas!

I’m very happy to come with all my thoughts. I’ve completed my reading and I want to come for explain all my feelings (at least part of them). I can’t explain all that I want because my heart harbors invisible words for our language. It’s crossed feelings what can’t express with words. But I’ll try. Come into my mind and my heart!

Nancy Drew is a young sleuth fancies of mysteries and will use her courage for solve the problems around her. In this first case, Nancy will help at her father (great lawyer) to find the last will and testament from Josiah Crowley with her deductions.

How wonderful is that girl. I would wish had too many people like Nancy. The planet would be a better place. Is there any injustice? No problem, Nancy Drew will go and solve that problem. Yes! I’ve been able to imagine this girl with a develop smile and happy for to help and one father very proud of his daughter. I loved this girl, her energy and vitality. She always has one kind word (less to her enemies)

She there goes! Her father gave her a car for her birthday and she helps him in his work. Her car is a convertible and at the worst moment, that thing doesn’t work haha! My sides were splitting with laughter. Her father (Mr. Carson Drew) is so sweet with his daughter and he is a well-known lawyer from their hometown of River Heights. The best father for Nancy and for the rest of benefited characters because he is a lawyer and you know, there is people that not like the lawyers. For example in this book The Topham. They are one vain family. Ada and Isabel are the daughters and they are very bad with Nancy and the rest people of River Heights. They are vain and arrogant. Indeed.

First, Nancy Drew meets Mary and Edna Turner and she pays attention to their story. Nancy desire to help them, but in this moment she doesn’t know how. Then Nancy meets Mr. Rolsted and at that moment she commences to think. Nancy is the only one who can find the last will and if you read the plot and then to see the title of the article… well… It seems a big spoiler. Are you agreed? Ha! I thought the same.

The secret of the clock is a good book. He is amusing and can hold your breath in some moment of suspense. Nancy is an attractive young girl. She’s eighteen years and she wants to be like her father. And her father knows it and guides her with wisdom. This book is very short and light. Always happen something and you cannot get boring into it. Nancy will be your favorite character and won’t want to go away without her.

I’m very thrilled for this book. It has left me good feeling and thinking. I want to read another adventure with Nancy Drew, the young sleuth as soon as can be possible. Do you want to join me?

:t: Nancy Drew
By Carolyn Keene
The secret of the old clock
(1ª adventure of Nancy Drew

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Persuasion [Book by Jane Austen]

Persuasion is my favorite book written by Jane Austen and I’ve read all of them for sure. It’s the only book on my shelves with more editions. It’s in English and Spanish. How Jane Austen wrote it? I’m not a person that read the same book twice because I want to read more books. There are too many books interesting in my mind and I don’t like stay with the same book because I exasperate myself thinking and thinking about others books but there are books, only a few, I need read it more times. Persuasion is one of them I need to read more times. It’s special for me. It has something that makes jump my heart, my dreams and my mind.

People don't talk that way anymore (Ben Gates)

This story focuses itself in Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth. Eight years ago Anne and Frederick were betrothed, they were very happy but Lady Russel (Anne's best friend) persuaded her for break off the engagement (dislike me this woman all time into de book) Why did she make things like those? Lady Russel said at Anne that Frederick was unworthy and Anne was very ingenuous and with all her pain into her heart... she drifted by that advice. Therefore Anne break the engagement off very sad and leave this man with her heart into her hands. She said good bye one true loves. Now eight years after they have a meeting and now is when the book begins.

I love Jane Austen’s book. Always they catch me my breath by surprise and when I finished I let go slowly the breath and one “aaww”. She is my favorite writer. I have all her books, “her children” (as Jane say always) and I love catching them in my break time for taking a look in. I love her humor, her irony, her writing, her thinking. Oh, my… I take pleasure in her books. What a delight!  I would want to write like Jane. Or to be her friend, much better ha! I can imagine myself walking for Bath and listening carriages. I almost can feel the warm into the ballroom or the soft breeze while I’m looking shop windows. Drinking tea and wearing those dresses (whatever the number of the layers has down the dress) It’s just…. It’s pretty nice. Jane Austen makes me feel homesick, although I have never been or living there! Very odd, don’t you think? But that is what Jane Austen cause to me. I’m a dreamer. I’m lover for those years. But enough to talk about myself, I want to make one review about this wonderful book.

Persuasion is a story full of love, gossips, jealousies, meetings and very funny if you are able to understand at Jane Austen. This book is very funny. Austen laughs herself of her society and her habits. Perhaps to born female was a curse there. Always looking for the best marriage (with millionaires men) A woman cannot think (a fool woman is much better tractable). Some jobs were only for men (a writer woman was a shame). In this case, Jane Austen was a writer and she signed her books like an unknown)

As for me, I love these characters, Anne and Frederick had a history eight years ago and later they have a meeting. There are nervous and a lot misunderstanding. They will find out a lot of secret through people surrender them and understand things from de past.  Bloom all the feelings between Anne and Frederick in that first looking and Anne cannot turn away her eyes from him. I love their story.
Do you like this book?
I hope your answer is “yes”.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Love for Highlands ~~>

Hello, everyone!
 Today I feel dreamer. I’m reading one book about Highlands by 50%  romance and 50% politic and war. The backgrounds catch me in my mind and I can’t put it down. I love romance, I love old times and when they twist themselves I can feel exploit my heart. I read and read and read again. It’s mountains of books about this theme. I’m not tired.  Would you like know why I love Highlands? Come in! 

Well, why Highlands? Why not another place in this world? There's no doubt there are too many wonderful places outside. I can explain you my obsession anyway. I’ve been able to read a lot of books about romance about England in the Victorian era. Oh, come on! Don’t judge me. I love these books. They aren’t only about romance. Inside them, there is history, politic and mystery.

There are people thinking about these books are “sex sex boring sex for despair women and sex again” Fine. I don’t care those opinions about my reading, but for those ones who care my opinion, I must say:  Please, don’t talk about things that you don’t know. In this case, don’t talk about things that you have not read.

First, read some books about this theme and then you can come and tell me your thoughts. Second, if when you finish this book keeps your opinion… well, please, grow up and respect each people around you.

Ok. I’ve read a lot of books about historic-romance about England, Victorian era, but lately, I’ve drifted for another country. I’ve had reading about Scottish, specifically medieval and Victorian Highlands. I have learning to love this land, its leafy woods, its clear lakes, its people, its unrestricted spaces and its landscapes. You know, search in Google and look at those pictures.

In Highlands, the places are very different. I'm habituated to read about London. The luxury, nice dressed beautiful balls and dinners, the stones pavements and their carriages. I imagined it. Men with good manners with the only problem are conquering the heart from the most beautiful maid. But when one book focuses its story in Highlands everything change.

In Highlands, there are not luxuries into the houses. There are rustic houses or in this case, one big stone castle. There aren’t stones pavements; there are ground paths for horses. There aren’t elegant balls with refined people. Into the big stone castle, there are balls with loud music, loud mumbles and tons of drinks. And one very important thing: Politic. There are things that concern at Scottish and its people, in this case, our principal characters. Yes! The man falls in love and the woman is a little rebel but fall in love later anyway. But the story between them focuses itself about the politic. It is not boring, you know. 

I am not able to explain all my feelings in words, but you read one book about Victorian London and the other one about Victorian Scottish and they are not the same thing.
One part of me feels its home there. Another part of me questions itself about the God’s plan for my life here where I’m living. It’s true that the God’s plans are illegible for our human mind. Well, anyway. I’m here and I can dream.

Well!  My feelings spread forever.
I would like someday travel and know by myself Scottish instead of reading it. But you know: “All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient

Bye-bye! See you soon. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Witches [Book]

 Hi, everyone!

Today I’m going to bring you this book by Roald Dahl.

The Witches is an interesting book and Roald show us the truth about REAL WITCHES. No broomsticks, no warts, no ugly faces… All about Real Witches and the big adventure the one grandmother and her grandson.

I’ve already finished reading my third book in this language (well for me!!)
I’ve already watched its movie, but I didn’t like. In fact, I didn’t finish it.
Anyway I liked the book more than the movie and I learned too many words (well for me too!!) I’m very happy, I dare to say.
This plot is very simple. There are witches and someone has to remove them away. Who? One little boy and his “Grandmama” (This old woman is very interesting with her cigar and her little smile peeping out her lips)
This book talks us about REAL WITCHES, to begin with. 

Without in the world, no one knows about real witches, but one person, “the Grandmama” she knows, and through her words, we are going to know those real witches.
I’ve read other books by Roald Dahl, but I’m sorry, I love too much the movies by Tim Burton, those adaptations are great. (Someday I will write about Tim Burton’s films. I love all of them)

The Witches is a short book for everyone, full of adventures, mysteries and a lot of truths.
There are phases that I love like this:

Her eyes were misty-grey and they seemed to be looking at something miles away.

I will come another day with more little words for those who don’t want to throw away my personal space at the rubbish-bin.

Bye-bye little hearts!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Susuwataris ... ♥

Have you ever seen little, black things fuzzy murmuring under your old furniture or white and big eyeballs looking at you into the darkness?

Have you ever seen “Spirited Away” or “My neighbor Totoro”?

These movies are from  Studio Ghibli (the best, yeah) How I love this Studio, It makes blow my mind with those designs. Someday I could tell you about my two favorite movies from Hayao Miyazaki: My neighbor Totoro and Howl’s castle moving. They are on the top of my private list.

But! But today I could tell you about some little friends, very little and small they are. You can call them  Makkuro Kurosuke  or Susuwataris, personally, I like this last one. Ok if you has could seen Spirited away or My neighbor Totoro you has also seen small, black, fuzzy things with eyes and legs so cute all of them, about the size of a pin-pon ball.

In  My neighbor, Totoro is an optical illusion caused by moving quickly from light into darkness. Satsuki and Mei can hear them creeping for the wall and on the ground when they stepped into the old house and the old woman who was with them, told them if they popped a laugh those little things go away, but the tradition says: “Makkuro Kurosuke get out of here or we’ll poke your eyeballs out” It’s so rude, I think. It doesn’t politically correct today so it was changed for “come out… come out…” In the movie, you can see the little girls laughing when they are scared in the night and that is beautiful in the movie. These little fuzzy things can’t do any harm you and when they see people in this old house they soon go away. Indeed they moved out to the Totoro’s tree that night. They are so beautiful. Japan has a lot of things very wonderful for to study.

 In Spirited Away they also are The soot sprites and if you touch them, they leave you a spot in your hand. In this movie, they are little slaves transporting coal into the furnace and you can also see them help Chihiro. Their usual mode of transportation is levitating and they can extend their limbs from their bodies to accomplish a certain task. These the soot sprites can dissolve themselves into soot if you crush them but, no problem, they come back to their shape quickly. Splendid creatures they are, so cute.

These creatures are unable to speak our language but they can make sounds like murmuring, squeaky when they are happy, angry, excited or annoyed. Maybe they are not to capable of speak human language but they can show us how to understand themselves. They can feel worries for Chihiro and look after her. I want to one of them for Christmas ok?

There isn’t too much information about those little things on internet, but I assure you that on Spanish internet there is less.

I’ll see you soon!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I don’t waste my time.

-Hey, buddy. Have you an account on Facebook?
– Face… what?
-¡OMG! When on earth are you living?
-Ok, sorry. I’ll create an account, but only for a few minutes at day
-A few minutes? That’s impossible. First, you must write your status, later reply at the people, click “likes”, upload photos…
-Wow! Then, when can I do my favorites things?
-There is not time to waste on those things. Pile of junk, believe me. If you are not here, with the others, you are nothing. All people are here. Come in! Take a look on Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Tumblr

Hi, fellas!
How I miss my language for explaining things when my mind is on fire. Ok, stay calm, don’t worry (I say to myself) I’ll give my best because this is getting out of hands.

I’ll start at the beginning. Sorry about that but it’s true! Haven’t you got somebody that pushes you on network social? Our hours fly front on Pc. The day passes and our eyes only have seen others lives and we are waiting that they see our lives too. At the end, we are wasting our time creating a different person, the person which people want you to be. At the end, I understood one important thing: I only upload my best photos (my best pose, of course). My status doesn’t represent myself. I write what I want that others read. I was creating an appearance! but I was really not that thing. There is an invisible wall that doesn’t permit you to be yourself. There is an invisible law.

I began like the others around me. I created an account on one of those network social, only because I had relatives inside of one of them. Later I created other and other one and other one and the same pattern repeat itself over and over. Mother of God! I could not stop myself! It was awful. I had fallen down into a bad habit. I had left at side my favorites things.

One day I stopped myself and woke up. I put my mind to think about all of these things. In fact, I was boring. Very boring and tired for not to be who I am. I was tired of appearance in front of others. Being cool, being intelligent, being being being…  All around me was dirty with lies and false smiles. I missed dreams with my books. I missed writing stories with my music in my ears. I understood something very important. I was wasting my time. I understood network social is a great invention, but the people spoil it.

Nest of vanities. There are the best photos, the best places, the best moments, the best applause each other when, in fact, all is false. (Well, I suppose. 50% you know. I speak in general)

-Oh Tania, you are so beautiful! That photo is amazing. Where is it?
-Thanks my best friend. California. It’s Honeymoon.
-Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. XOXOXO
**** A few seconds later... 
-Hey Mary, Did you see the last photo from Tania. ¡Ha!
-Oh! Yes! She is so fat. Those jeans are awful.
-Hahaha and her husband is very ugly. Where she found him? 

Yes, fellas. These things happen. I am living it every day. It’s so sad.
The lie becomes in our form life like a normal thing. This is very sad. When I speak with my friend I am of one form. When my friend is not here, I am different. Do you desire to deceive or please anyone?  At whom? And why?

I have decided to change.
I have decided don’t waste my time with people doesn’t know who they are.
You must choose one personality.  

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Host [Book]

It could have been a good book. It has a very great idea if it wouldn’t have been focused on teenagers because that messed everything. I cannot even to tell you the plot because it’s a spoiler as well.

Hi, everyone! Today I’m coming with a teenager book and I’m disappointment. Beginning to see why I leave to read teenagers books but I’m a human. It’s a huge wrong because I wish I was perfect. Goodness only knows He is the only perfect.

I was wondering if to read this book. I’ve heard a lot of opinions about this writer and her books about vampires, but there were people telling me The Host was a different book. So, this persuaded me. It was a huge wrong. Memo to me: “Don’t even think about to read any teenager book anymore

At the beginning all appeared perfect, I was tremendously happy to see this book with a great idea, but then to read the entire book I thought: “To think how this book has been focused on teenagers is that makes it all so sad” This book has too much love, more than enough and less story and have you read the end? Oh, my goodness… awful!! The end is totally up in the air. What’s that the writer wants I think, anyway? I am not here for imagine the end or figure it out. I am for to read all story, all of it. Of course, I can realize too many things but I cannot write it down at all. In this book, there are too many things for to write. There is too much story for to tell us. I don’t like this. I didn’t like with Pandemonium and I don’t like yet.

Those books aren’t serious. With this idea this book could have been for adults an amazing book with mystery and suspense and why not? With a little romance but this is all you have: A great idea confined into a long and twisted romance. Pity.
Ok. I think I didn’t say anything good about that book, sorry but there are much more bad things than good.

I’ll see you with another article the next time.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Cranford [Mini-Serie]

Hello, everybody. How are all of you? I’ve finished my lunch time and I was wondering about my new article. Nothing came up my mind y and I was beginning to feel bored and sad when a little picture crossed my thoughts 

It’s 1842 in Cranford. It’s a small village and the modernity is about to come on it. Over there, inside that’s beautiful house are living elegant olds woman. They are adorable (someone more adorable than others) The most adorable old women is Miss Matty. What a lovely woman. She is, all she, kind, happy, pay attention at her friends and she has a big-hearted into her chest. She’ll earn our tears with love into her smooth hands. She is Judy Dench and she is perfect for this character. She is awesome because you can see her like an authoritarian woman very severe and angry and then, here, she is sugar and cream.
Cranford is a small village and always take place a lot of events, all of them wrapped with humor. You’ll laugh with those refined old women and their happening. They have a strong relationship and when one of them has a kind of emergency, all of they go to help. Yes, all of they like a tribe.  It’s so funny why no one is out.
Cranford is so small and when someone tries to break one rule for the society, there are people very angry. These old women are upset when someone tries to change something into their small place. They have habits with roots for a lot of years ago and they don’t want any change in their lives. The world moves on but our old women stay unbroken into their small village. 

The main topic about Cranford is friendship, a strong friendship among these women. They are unmarried and widows. The love is in the air. Here exist fraternal love and love passionate. They have a grand needed to show us their lives; their days and the way how they are telling us: “We won’t change our present. It’s never and ever.” But the future it’s coming and we’ll feel their worries and sadness. They will share with you all their feelings and we will love them because they are fantastic actresses.

I read this book as well and I haven’t words. It’s the same love, the same humor. Of course, the book is more extensive and narrates us more stories and you can have more feelings and overall, you will know the complete story. When I always say: First, read the book.

I love these landscapes from old times. I love BBC and their series about old times. I’m a big fan. Maybe someday I write another series from BBC. 

Good day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tinker Bell I [Movie]

Hi, everyone!

 Today I’m coming with a movie. I want to show you about fairies. They are good and less good fairies. Hit it!

Tinker Bell is a good movie for the people who want to learn English, It’s so easy.
I love this movie and I always watch it on the T.V.
Today I saw it with my husband. The movie has beautiful colors, and we already knew Tinker Bell’s born.
Tinker Bell is a good fairy, but she doesn’t like to be a tinker. I mean, all her life making the same thing? It’s sure that may be a little boring. She’ll ask at their friends help to her learn other talents. She’s so cute and very funny! She and their friends make me smile.

There are too many animals and they are soooo cute like Cheese the little mouse.
But as always, there is a bad girl in each story. She’s selfish and unkind with Tinker Bell. The little fairy says: Ey! Nice to meet you! And the bad girl… says nothing.
Fine! The movie taught us about the friendship anyway, to be proud of our talents and to be patient with all of them.
The seasons in the movie looks amazing! Colors are very strong and there is vibrating music. The heart jumps with the beautiful pictures.
Yes, I loved it. And another day I’ll watch the next movie about Tinker Bell and her friends.
I’m very late for pick up my magic dust.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The first... ♥

Hi, everyone!!

I'm a new girl in the town.
Please, look after me and help me if that was necessary.

I want to share, with all of you, my passions.
I hope you are there for read me and write your opinion.

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