Friday, January 6, 2017

Cranford [Mini-Serie]

Hello, everybody. How are all of you? I’ve finished my lunch time and I was wondering about my new article. Nothing came up my mind y and I was beginning to feel bored and sad when a little picture crossed my thoughts 

It’s 1842 in Cranford. It’s a small village and the modernity is about to come on it. Over there, inside that’s beautiful house are living elegant olds woman. They are adorable (someone more adorable than others) The most adorable old women is Miss Matty. What a lovely woman. She is, all she, kind, happy, pay attention at her friends and she has a big-hearted into her chest. She’ll earn our tears with love into her smooth hands. She is Judy Dench and she is perfect for this character. She is awesome because you can see her like an authoritarian woman very severe and angry and then, here, she is sugar and cream.
Cranford is a small village and always take place a lot of events, all of them wrapped with humor. You’ll laugh with those refined old women and their happening. They have a strong relationship and when one of them has a kind of emergency, all of they go to help. Yes, all of they like a tribe.  It’s so funny why no one is out.
Cranford is so small and when someone tries to break one rule for the society, there are people very angry. These old women are upset when someone tries to change something into their small place. They have habits with roots for a lot of years ago and they don’t want any change in their lives. The world moves on but our old women stay unbroken into their small village. 

The main topic about Cranford is friendship, a strong friendship among these women. They are unmarried and widows. The love is in the air. Here exist fraternal love and love passionate. They have a grand needed to show us their lives; their days and the way how they are telling us: “We won’t change our present. It’s never and ever.” But the future it’s coming and we’ll feel their worries and sadness. They will share with you all their feelings and we will love them because they are fantastic actresses.

I read this book as well and I haven’t words. It’s the same love, the same humor. Of course, the book is more extensive and narrates us more stories and you can have more feelings and overall, you will know the complete story. When I always say: First, read the book.

I love these landscapes from old times. I love BBC and their series about old times. I’m a big fan. Maybe someday I write another series from BBC. 

Good day!

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