Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Persuasion [Book by Jane Austen]

Persuasion is my favorite book written by Jane Austen and I’ve read all of them for sure. It’s the only book on my shelves with more editions. It’s in English and Spanish. How Jane Austen wrote it? I’m not a person that read the same book twice because I want to read more books. There are too many books interesting in my mind and I don’t like stay with the same book because I exasperate myself thinking and thinking about others books but there are books, only a few, I need read it more times. Persuasion is one of them I need to read more times. It’s special for me. It has something that makes jump my heart, my dreams and my mind.

People don't talk that way anymore (Ben Gates)

This story focuses itself in Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth. Eight years ago Anne and Frederick were betrothed, they were very happy but Lady Russel (Anne's best friend) persuaded her for break off the engagement (dislike me this woman all time into de book) Why did she make things like those? Lady Russel said at Anne that Frederick was unworthy and Anne was very ingenuous and with all her pain into her heart... she drifted by that advice. Therefore Anne break the engagement off very sad and leave this man with her heart into her hands. She said good bye one true loves. Now eight years after they have a meeting and now is when the book begins.

I love Jane Austen’s book. Always they catch me my breath by surprise and when I finished I let go slowly the breath and one “aaww”. She is my favorite writer. I have all her books, “her children” (as Jane say always) and I love catching them in my break time for taking a look in. I love her humor, her irony, her writing, her thinking. Oh, my… I take pleasure in her books. What a delight!  I would want to write like Jane. Or to be her friend, much better ha! I can imagine myself walking for Bath and listening carriages. I almost can feel the warm into the ballroom or the soft breeze while I’m looking shop windows. Drinking tea and wearing those dresses (whatever the number of the layers has down the dress) It’s just…. It’s pretty nice. Jane Austen makes me feel homesick, although I have never been or living there! Very odd, don’t you think? But that is what Jane Austen cause to me. I’m a dreamer. I’m lover for those years. But enough to talk about myself, I want to make one review about this wonderful book.

Persuasion is a story full of love, gossips, jealousies, meetings and very funny if you are able to understand at Jane Austen. This book is very funny. Austen laughs herself of her society and her habits. Perhaps to born female was a curse there. Always looking for the best marriage (with millionaires men) A woman cannot think (a fool woman is much better tractable). Some jobs were only for men (a writer woman was a shame). In this case, Jane Austen was a writer and she signed her books like an unknown)

As for me, I love these characters, Anne and Frederick had a history eight years ago and later they have a meeting. There are nervous and a lot misunderstanding. They will find out a lot of secret through people surrender them and understand things from de past.  Bloom all the feelings between Anne and Frederick in that first looking and Anne cannot turn away her eyes from him. I love their story.
Do you like this book?
I hope your answer is “yes”.


  1. I love Jane Austen!! And yes, I like Persuasion, too. I love how Captain Wentworth and Anne finally get together at the end. His letter to her is so sweet. :)

    Just wanted to say, your blog layout is very pretty! You did an excellent job on it. :D

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to my little place.
      And yes! It’s almost the best beautiful letter, so romantic.
      I’m glad you like my blog layout.


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