Thursday, January 12, 2017

Susuwataris ... ♥

Have you ever seen little, black things fuzzy murmuring under your old furniture or white and big eyeballs looking at you into the darkness?

Have you ever seen “Spirited Away” or “My neighbor Totoro”?

These movies are from  Studio Ghibli (the best, yeah) How I love this Studio, It makes blow my mind with those designs. Someday I could tell you about my two favorite movies from Hayao Miyazaki: My neighbor Totoro and Howl’s castle moving. They are on the top of my private list.

But! But today I could tell you about some little friends, very little and small they are. You can call them  Makkuro Kurosuke  or Susuwataris, personally, I like this last one. Ok if you has could seen Spirited away or My neighbor Totoro you has also seen small, black, fuzzy things with eyes and legs so cute all of them, about the size of a pin-pon ball.

In  My neighbor, Totoro is an optical illusion caused by moving quickly from light into darkness. Satsuki and Mei can hear them creeping for the wall and on the ground when they stepped into the old house and the old woman who was with them, told them if they popped a laugh those little things go away, but the tradition says: “Makkuro Kurosuke get out of here or we’ll poke your eyeballs out” It’s so rude, I think. It doesn’t politically correct today so it was changed for “come out… come out…” In the movie, you can see the little girls laughing when they are scared in the night and that is beautiful in the movie. These little fuzzy things can’t do any harm you and when they see people in this old house they soon go away. Indeed they moved out to the Totoro’s tree that night. They are so beautiful. Japan has a lot of things very wonderful for to study.

 In Spirited Away they also are The soot sprites and if you touch them, they leave you a spot in your hand. In this movie, they are little slaves transporting coal into the furnace and you can also see them help Chihiro. Their usual mode of transportation is levitating and they can extend their limbs from their bodies to accomplish a certain task. These the soot sprites can dissolve themselves into soot if you crush them but, no problem, they come back to their shape quickly. Splendid creatures they are, so cute.

These creatures are unable to speak our language but they can make sounds like murmuring, squeaky when they are happy, angry, excited or annoyed. Maybe they are not to capable of speak human language but they can show us how to understand themselves. They can feel worries for Chihiro and look after her. I want to one of them for Christmas ok?

There isn’t too much information about those little things on internet, but I assure you that on Spanish internet there is less.

I’ll see you soon!!

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