Friday, March 31, 2017

My second heart rests in Japan

Since I was 12 years old, I'm loving this country. Let me start from the beginning. I can close my eyes and perfectly see my old me on the sofa with my little sister and my mother watching on the tv, Marmalade boy. It's an anime, I don't know if you know about anime and manga, the first is kind of series of animation made in Japan. Well, the three of us had a fascination for that anime called Marmalade boy. It was 1998 and I didn't even know anything about anime or manga but my father brought a computer at home and I began to explore about my favorite tv show and then I found something that changes my life, completely. It's Japan.

Internet was coming to life and people were getting crazy, like me. How was possible that massive information in something so small and square? Well, one anime led me to another and, bit by bit, I was finding more and more animes for watching. I memorized tons of song from openings and endings and I wrote it down for repeat it to myself every day. I was amazed by everything from Japan.

Every day I knew more about Japan. Its people, its habits, its food, its stories about ghosts, its building, and its shape. Its festivities are very strangers and they love cats! I love cats! (that is a good point) Well, everything! I liked too much. I enjoyed enough with its mangas and I read a lot of them, overall about romance, even I learned a little bit from Japanese! But I gave up because that language is very difficult to study alone.

Look at this place. Isn't it amazing?

Japan, in fact, is a weird place, maybe is for that I love it (I loved Tim Burton when he was crazy too) Japan is like another world, I think they were too much time separate from the rest of the world and they created their rules, severe rules by the way, and their folklore are very interesting for me. I love the way they love the nature, they put very care on it. Have you ever heard about one flower calls "Hasu"? It's Lotuses. Lotuses flower are amazing and stronger flower because it born under the dirtier water and the Lotuses can raise itself up through the dirt and mud and bloom out there. It's stunning. Try to think about it, it's one of the most wonderful thoughts you can take from life.

The more data I took, the more I wanted to know and now I would like to write here all that information for you and for me. I hope you stay with me.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell [Series]

All begins when a few wizards who don’t practice magic, just study it, are gathering into a big church for to see really magic by the only one can perform spells. There is another person telling a prophecy impossible to break, a gentleman without occupation who will rise and become the second powerful wizard over England and a slave without name who will turn out into a king.

In that way, this series begins and this caught me very well but first things first. Firstly I read the book, a big book, and it was amazing. One day I knew about this series and I ran to read the book first (do the right things) and when I was done with the book I started with the series. Are you asking me for my favorite character? What a wonderful  fairy! Sure enough, I didn’t imagine this character like that. It was totally a big surprise because while I was reading I couldn’t imagine in my mind any person like him, honestly.  The description of the book disconcerted me. This fairy scared me in a big way more than into the book. I wouldn’t like this fairy was against to me.

 Mr. Norrel: That guy was like in my imagination. *grinning* The half-time being a child and the another half-time being a man with that silly and naïve face. Poor guy, the only purpose was to help the country but he was ambitious and that makes him decide something wrong for all of us…

 Miss Pole: I think something was wrong with this character, her personality was exalted so much as with the book and this disgusted me. Into the book, Miss Pole was more pacify and with fewer yells. Well, I suppose it is a little sacrifice for to make such a wonderful series.

 The landscape: My goodness, incredible to describe them. I could have eaten them. BBC is always wonderful with the landscape when the series is about old times. Splendid I'd say. House full of candles, letters into old papers, shelves full of books, old books, and dusty books. I love these books. Weird spells wigs, gentlemen, and fairies. The life turns into the nineteenth century and you can see a new England which is known for its wizards students. And   the clothesI want to wear something like this! In my dreams, of course, I can hear you… When will someone have pity on me and give me one dress like one of these?


This is out with Harry Potter, please. Harry Potter is one thing and this series is another. You will feel intrigued because of the original plot, madness, revenge, fantasy, horror, love and more fantasy. Actors are fabulous; you will find yourself clapping even with your feet. I did.  

Let me encourage you for reading the book first and seeing this series later. It’s wonderful. Such a wonderful England would exist in our real life, wouldn’t it?

Friday, March 17, 2017

.Even when it hurts.

There are moments when I lost my strength.

There are moments when I only need cry alone.

There are moments when I ‘m surrounded by people, but I feel alone.

There are moments when I don’t want anything and the same time I want everything.

There are moments when my heart faints and I fall down.

There are moments when I forget everything and I think I’m lost.

When the sun in the dessert hit me with all its power and the path it seems spread forever, when the road has sprinkly thorns and I feel how my clothes tear apart, when I close my eyes and my tears fall down crashing on the ground…

When I’m totally and absolutely and despairingly defeated, then, I forget myself and all my tragedies and remember the voice of my shepherd.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; 
and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you; 
when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle on you” 
...::Isaiah 43:2::...  

Even when the morning comes
 I'll praise You 
Even when the fight is won 
I'll praise You 
Even when my time on earth is done 
Louder, then I'll sing your praise 

 I will only sing Your praise

{ Even when it hurts: Hillsong }

Friday, March 10, 2017

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone [Book]

Good day for all of you. Before finished the last year, I proposed myself one thing. “I’m going to read Harry Potter again” Of course I am not going to read them in a hurry so I read the first and now I’m going to write a couple things here.

It was amazing, fifteen hours of pure pleasure. Every year I re-read Harry Potter and I always enjoy as it was the first time.  This story is amazing and I’m amazed and if I could press an imaginary button into my mind for remove my memories, I could do it only for to repeat this experience like the first time. Joanne K. Rowling… What I am going to do with such woman? Fantastic… These seven books exude magic with every page.  

There are still people that don’t know about this child and his secret, a secret that even he doesn’t know.  Not yet. For all of them, I’m going to write a little plot, but I warn you, any plot about these books are spoiler.  No matter what plot you read, you will get spoiler into all of them so, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ok, here we go!


Harry has a miserable life. He’s an orphan who lives with his uncle Vernon, his aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley. They don’t love Harry therefore the little Harry has his bedroom under the stairs into a narrow space with dust and spiders. They hate each other. Harry has his glasses always broken, his clothes are always too much big and he cannot take friends because his cousin hit every boy and girl who wants to make a friendship with Harry. Within Dursley’s house there are rules. Harry cannot speaks, is forbidden make questions about his parents, his clothes will be handed-down from his fat cousin, of course.  The eleventh Harry’s birthday is coming and stranger things start to happen. It will be begin with a letter and the life of Harry will be changed for ever. 

It’s very possible my plot is the only plot without the more important spoiler. Congratulations if you are a new person and this is your first time reading a plot about Harry. I beg you, please, don’t look others plot, for your sake.

What makes you think this book is focused on young boys and girls? Dear, don’t let anybody kidding you. This book appears like a child book, but don’t let those opinions bring you down, read it for yourself. The boy who lives has a long way for walking and if you want walking with him, you will find out wonderful adventures, magic, the power of friendship, darkness and strong light. They are seven books and they are capable of taking your breath, I sure you.  

I was one of those people who saw its movies and I thought these books are insignificant. Certainly, I began to read this very book long years ago, but that isn’t my moment, I took this book off and I decided it’s boring. Ok, I was a big silly but Today I can admit these books are the best! Goodness, I was a whole month reading these seven books!! I could put them down. 

The first thing it took my attention was how uncle Vernon was frowned looking strange people with strange clothes and strange words. Was there a cat stared at uncle Vernon? Could that cat understand him? Everything was weird and that is what I take my chance. I wanted more!

Hogwarts… (Sigh) Can that place do exist? Marvelous… I couldn’t imagine that place even into my wonderful dreams. Ever. I want to visit someday something like that, making the same, wearing the same and studying the same!  Diagon Alley is the most beautiful place as well. Unbelievable.

Whatever may pass, thinking about it if you enjoy the adventures, fantasy, and suspense. Harry Potter and his friends are a good option.  


Friday, March 3, 2017

More days like this ~

There are a few days in my life which I want to hold up forever. Those days which you later remember quite clear. Those memories earn totally my attention and I can feel like if I could stay there again. This week I obtained another memory cannot be easily erased.

When the people are working always are complained because they can't make something with their life (I was one of them) but when the same people are out of work then they don't make anything worth with their life. Well, since 2 weeks I'm unemployed and one day in this week I decided to make things that I never could make when I was working.  Seeing a dawn... 

Have you ever seen a dawn? Never! I haven't ever seen a dawn but I got my opportunity and it was amazing. In fact, this dawn what I saw wasn't the perfect dawn because it was cold and it was a little raining, but I got the better company and the most attitudes. Yes that I could stay in my warm bed, it was seven o'clock and outside it was cold, but I thought: "If I don't make this thing right now... I don't know about future, so it's better making it today." My honey quitted complaining; we had a couple of apples and went outside. We faced the wind, clashed against the sharp cold and found protection under our umbrella.

It was wonderful and don't want to forget it, never. We like walking but we like most walking in mountain and that is what we did. We went at the mountain holding our hands each other and went finding the most beautiful dawn. We found something else, something more important. We found a new memory for treasure. We were surrounded by trees and bushes, the sky passed of black towards blue, the drizzle stopped and we got beautiful pictures.

  No doubt I want to repeat this day again.

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