Friday, March 31, 2017

My second heart rests in Japan

Since I was 12 years old, I'm loving this country. Let me start from the beginning. I can close my eyes and perfectly see my old me on the sofa with my little sister and my mother watching on the tv, Marmalade boy. It's an anime, I don't know if you know about anime and manga, the first is kind of series of animation made in Japan. Well, the three of us had a fascination for that anime called Marmalade boy. It was 1998 and I didn't even know anything about anime or manga but my father brought a computer at home and I began to explore about my favorite tv show and then I found something that changes my life, completely. It's Japan.

Internet was coming to life and people were getting crazy, like me. How was possible that massive information in something so small and square? Well, one anime led me to another and, bit by bit, I was finding more and more animes for watching. I memorized tons of song from openings and endings and I wrote it down for repeat it to myself every day. I was amazed by everything from Japan.

Every day I knew more about Japan. Its people, its habits, its food, its stories about ghosts, its building, and its shape. Its festivities are very strangers and they love cats! I love cats! (that is a good point) Well, everything! I liked too much. I enjoyed enough with its mangas and I read a lot of them, overall about romance, even I learned a little bit from Japanese! But I gave up because that language is very difficult to study alone.

Look at this place. Isn't it amazing?

Japan, in fact, is a weird place, maybe is for that I love it (I loved Tim Burton when he was crazy too) Japan is like another world, I think they were too much time separate from the rest of the world and they created their rules, severe rules by the way, and their folklore are very interesting for me. I love the way they love the nature, they put very care on it. Have you ever heard about one flower calls "Hasu"? It's Lotuses. Lotuses flower are amazing and stronger flower because it born under the dirtier water and the Lotuses can raise itself up through the dirt and mud and bloom out there. It's stunning. Try to think about it, it's one of the most wonderful thoughts you can take from life.

The more data I took, the more I wanted to know and now I would like to write here all that information for you and for me. I hope you stay with me.


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