Friday, April 28, 2017

Love for books ---> ♥

Download free books animated gifs 13 Hi, my cutest things! 

How are you? I am so happy. The sun rises over me shining and sparkling. The birds sing a lot of happy songs and the animals run into the woods jumping and hopping. Today is my day and I’m going to explain why. Guess what?
Welcome to my birthday!

Ok, ok. It isn’t my birthday, but I feel myself like if is was it. I love reading. Oh, my. Yes, indeed. I have not blood!! I have words in my veins. My grandfather was a reader, my father is a great reader and I am, actually, a good reader. My husband is an amazing reader and the books teach us important things. You only have to read them. Open one book and learn about them. You’ll be wiser, I’m pretty sure about that. Yes, you think that you are smart, but I am smarter than you because I read… (totally selfish, yeah hehe)

Books. I love books, yes I told you before, but that’s the gospel truth. The books are wonderful. They drive you into the haunted houses, gigantic octopuses and through olds times. They are capable of driving you through the glass mirror and make travel-time. You can feel a sword through your stomach, tears running for your cheeks and faint of starving. They can make you hold your breath, laugh loud and cry. You can feel pounding your heart in front of that love, those kisses, huge hugs and stay firm after chasing the thief. A book cannot leave you indifferent. They send you feelings and passions if you read them on calm down.  
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As for me, reading is a desire, a great delight. Reading is a hobby indispensable in my life. I can read a romantic book or mystery book, but always I keep myself reading. I read in my house, in the church, when I stay in the doctor center and when I am waiting for someone and as if all this wasn’t enough I read while I dreaming. The books are catching me. They are driving me crazy and when this happen I’ll quote Lewis Carroll: In this housewe’re all mad” “Would you like come in at my party tea

The books make me dream. They make me confuse my reality. I need check closets out for Narnia. I need to know how a travel time is. I would like find out a castle with a beast inside and break the spell. In my job, I can feel this other entire world near me. This makes me tremendously happy. I can see the mighty power of the words call me every time. My mind doesn’t rest. When I finish one book and this one I liked too much… There is a feeling beyond any description. I feel beyond happiness. There is a cloud where I live for a few days. Reading is a dream with open eyes. I love finding out new places and situations. I love finding myself as sad or happy as the main character and my friend question me: 

-Why are you so sad?
-I don’t know. There is something inside me… I don’t know what it is.
And later I find out the book pushed me at this way. I love it. That magic of the books impregnate me.

The love of knowledge is a kind of madness. [C.S. Lewis]

If you haven’t had a chance for reading one book, I cheer you up today. Think about it. A book is a treasure, a friend, an adventure. Exercise your mind. Open the door at the knowledge.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Kingyo Sukui {Summer in Japan}

Love mini graphicsAnother clear and warm sky
Stars mini graphics I feel my stomach ache like a cocktail mixer.
Stars mini graphics I’m watching “Lizzie Bennet diaries” on youtube
Stars mini graphics I’m drinking a chamomile infusion for my stomach ache.
Stars mini graphics I feel so exhausted.

Hello, everyone!
I don’t know where you are living, but the summer is coming, here, and summer is coming to Japan as well, so I remembered a game from Japanese summer festival. Do you want to know what kind of game I’m talking about? 

Kingyo (goldfish) Sukui (scooping) { 金魚すくい} 

Kingyo-Sukui is a traditional childhood game played in Japan since the seventeenth century, however, both children and adults can enjoy the game, and it’s totally normal that if you have watched anime o read the manga you’ll learn too many things about Japan and its habits. This game is one of them.
When it's summer in Japan and the girls wear yukatas, as you can buy food on the street and the sky is drawn with a lot of fireworks, among the people you’ll see children hunker down over a kind of tank. The rules are very simple; the main is catching a golden fish. The trickery thing is has a weak net. Let me explain you.

In real, the game is quite difficult and takes some skill because once the paper gets wet it breaks under the goldfish's weight and the game will over whether you have a goldfish or not. This very weak paper is called “poi” and even one part of it is broken, you can continue the game until you don’t have any part of poi for scooping properly. You have to be quick and exact in all your moves. So, there you are with a bowl in one hand and a net in the other, focus and looking for your goldfish and, I warn you, these fish are pretty fast. 

If you want a strong poi, you can pay for it giving more money at the shopkeeper and if you didn't catch any goldfish, the shopkeeper will give you one, anyway.
Maybe you think is just a fool game, but there is a national goldfish catching league as well that has very specific rules and championships.

Do you want to try?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Preacher's Wife

Sometimes, I think about what we must sound like to God. How does He know who's in trouble and needs help?How did He know to come to us?What you are about to see is true. The names have not been changed because nobody believes me anyway. 

The point of view is from a child, a cute one. His name is Jeremiah who narrates this story.
I always cry with this movie. I can't help it. It's a wonderful movie full of hope and love. This is one of those movies could catch your heart and takes your breath for a while.

I'm here for your request. It's all right. Dudley come down for helps Reverend Biggs. He is getting problems into his marriage and into his life in general because he is a pastor and he has too many people for help and one day he notices he's losing important lives around him. Then he neglects his wife and son, he's getting tired, too many people need his help inmediately and this reverend Biggs can't stand this and one night, into his silent room ask for help to God. The helps arrive in form of an angel.

We can see almost another "Christmas Carol" We're talking about second changes in Christmas. What that angel falling down for? This marriage needs help and God answers the question from Reverend Biggs.

I'm here in answer to your request
My request? For help

It seems every step is worse than the first because of along the film everything turns out of his hands and Henry Biggs is only a human but apparently, he should be a big octopus. He isn't a social worker or lawyer but the people are always waiting for him and this makes him forget his beautiful wife. So, all things he should be doing with his wife now they are doing through Dudley, the angel. That's the point when Henry opens his eyes and see the true (and his mother-in-law seeing it as well and this woman warns to her daughter)

For another side, if you like Whitney Houston you are going to see the most beautiful songs into this film. I love it, overall the Gospel songs. I love it, this music gets out myself something I don't know what it is. 
Obviously, It seems each people into this film agreed on each other for recording a black movie. Yes! White people? Where? Oh! I almost could see one. No, no no. Don't let me wrong, I like black people I think they have the most power voices. Have you ever heard black music? Tremendously! You will never hear something like that. Powerful. This only was a curious fact about the film.

Well! It's a perfect movie for Christmas Eve and for check our lives out. The message through this film, anyway, is caring the people around us. Love them and looking after each other because we never know what we have until one day we lose it. Put your eye over your family and love them. It's always better less for yourself and more for rest of people.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Between God and I

I'd want talk about my relationship with my Father in the heavens, I just share a few thoughts when I'm making my stuff with Him. It's very special for me and the people know me, know it. His words are some kind of survival for me because of Him I'm alive. One day eighteen years ago I wanted to take the death and He took me away from the bad road and gave life. He made me understand my mistakes and when I more lost in my life, ran into His loving arms with my face washing in tears. (Something like this photo)

 I love feeling like a small girl with a super Father.
 I love feeling His love when I feel good and overall when I feel down.
 I love the way He removes my sadness and my worries.
 I love dancing in His promises and sleep in peace every night.
 I love as He hugs me when I’m crying and I can’t take control of it.
 I love the feeling of safety when I think I’m alone.
 I wanted to take my life away and He gave me more than I expected.
 I love having troubles and say: “My Father has everything under control”
 I love seeing all that things around me are moving for Him.
 I love every moment I stay near Him.

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