Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Haunted Mansion

Do you like feel horror in your skin? I don't
Do you like watching blood pouring over bodies? I don't
Do you like hear a lot of screams? I don't
Do you like get goosebumps? Only if it's about R. L. Stine.

I’m a kind of person who doesn’t like horror movies and I’m always finding some movies without too much horror. I like movies like Casper, The others, What Lies Beneath or this one (between others like these). They make me feel a little shrink and that likes me but I don’t want to go more far away.

Mr. Evers (Eddie Murphy) decides to pass sometime with his family one weekend. Just before they made their way the phone ring and they are invited (well, in the first place the butler invite only Mrs. Evers but she wants to go with her entire family) to visit the old Gracey Mansion just for the purpose to sell it. Soon they will see this mansion hides a huge and dangerous secret for just one part of this family.

I liked so much! How black persons you know with such a huge mouth able to make laugh when he laughs? Not too many, I say. This movie has all you need for the night Saturday (or Friday o when you want) Time to gather your family and enjoy enough. 
It has adventure, humor, fantasy, ghosts, love, revenge... you know! It has all those necessary things for to create a good Hollywood Stew. 

It has a enjoy character like a woman into a ball glass or my favorite, four marble busts (singing-heads) with a good rhythm that could want you run far away, love them or pull your ears off. It's all up to you. 

This fantastic and amusing movie is based on a Disney theme park ride "The haunted Mansion" but today I ask you, do you really think these place like the movie really exist, anyway? I mean, in our real life. Those landscapes, wonderful for a storm night, that enormous gates with scratchy hinge, stairs seem up forever and mountain of books on study room (my favorite part, by the way) Into this old big mansion there are too many places very creepy and the same time with vibrant colors, I mean, the places are not all time dark and creepy, they can scare you having colors. I don't know, all seem chosen very well for this movie. I think your children won't have any fear.

It's a simple movie which you can like it or hate it. 
Tell me!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Nancy Drew #2 The hidden Staircase

Ok Everybody settles down, please. Good time for all of you!

I’ve been a little busy, but I came back for stay a while, and I didn’t come alone; the most spectacular sleuth that you have ever seen in the whole world is stay with me. Let me introduce you her new adventure:

I must admit, at the beginning, I didn’t understand the entire plot because it had a lot of new vocabulary for me. I was a bit lost, but I just went on reading and my mind opened itself for to understand the grave situation for my little friend.

No doubt, she is very strong and clever, but now in this adventure, she had two mysteries for to solve. Actually, Nancy had more worried for one mystery than another one because her father has been kidnapped! Oh, my goodness, who could be that bad person? Nancy was warned but her father didn’t take importance about that and he was taken. (That’s right! Those things happen when someone doesn't listen the serious warns about another someone) Later Nancy was warned about to left that mystery but telling Nancy not to do something only makes her want to do it more.

Nancy Drew is in Twin Elms with her friend Helen who is getting married soon. Twin Elms is an old house. It was built in a colonial era and it has a lot of passages and old things. Now in Twin Elms are happening weird things. Is it ghost? It seemed a crazy theory for Nancy, and she herself is determined to solve that rare thing, but on her way, your father needs her help as well and Nancy feel very worried, sometimes sad and another sometimes her friends cherry Nancy up.  I was shouting my head off with the hope to help my favorite sleuth. Pity, she will never ever hear me.

The mysteries go on every day most big and Nancy is every day more anxious for to find out where her father is.  Is he alive? Is he near to Nancy? Goodness only knows what they may do to Mr. Drew.

I feel compassion with Nancy because she is so kind with her friends what it doesn't seem fair for her. In this story, Nancy will put on practice all her grey cells and her abilities deductive for to solve both mysteries, but overall she will have to find at her father. If you have any time you can read this book. It’s easy and your mind will rest of tense books like “Pandemonium” “The Host” “Fifty shadows of Gray”… Ok, all depend on at your readings.

The hidden Staircase (1930)
Carolyn keene

Nancy Drew #2

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I chose you ♥

I would like writing a letter for you. Why I chose you. Why I put my eye to you and why I want to care you forever.
Dear, let me remember you some things.

It was Christmas Eve twelve years ago when you wrote me: Good night, lady. How are you?
Woow… It isn’t something usual. No one writes you things like that every day. Not even today, because it’s something special.
At the beginning, he was so elegant with me and he knew to choose his words very carefully but he was not pretending to be elegant and gentlemanly. He was. No doubt he wasn’t like other men I knew, he never was.

After introduction ourselves we didn’t speak for a little time until New Year, then we began to speak again and he was the same like the first time. I knew it, he wasn’t a fake. It was ten years ago.

Eleven years ago we were so close. We were terribly close to our conversations. We made call each other and we were very creative when imagined stories with ourselves as main characters. They are romantic stories. I imagined him by my side and he cried because he thought never took me.

But our lives changed when one day he wrote me: I have a wedding and I have sad because all my friends have a girlfriend and I’m going to the wedding alone.
It was summer ten years ago when I took a ride from my city and we have our first meeting.

What a lovely face to face.
We had our first shaking hands.
We had our first real conversation.
We had our first true love kiss (and a friend took us a photo in this very moment)
We felling in love each other.

He went on being so gentlemanly and he was so careful with me. We were up in the air. We fed our love every day. We are so excited, but he was in one city and I was in another city. It seems us far far away.

Ten years ago I called him and asked him: Would you like come with me to my city and will you marry me?
He took one night to think about it and this very night I couldn’t sleep. What a hard and difficult wait for me. I was wondering if my love for him was driving crazy and my decision was a rush.
The next morning he sent me SMS and in short, he will come to my city and we will prepare our wedding together. How valiant he was! So gallant.

We were in love each other and after eleven years ago we are still in love each other as the first time. We take care each other with loving words, we look after each other. With every beat of our heart, we touch us. With every feeling, we look us and after eleven years ago, five change of houses, two bankruptcy and one cancer, we are just here, stick together. We are blessed with the most beautiful love we have ever seen.

I pray at my Father every night for you, for us and beg him for more pouring rain from his love, stronghold, and humility.

Thank you, Father, for his life.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The wild rose of Kilgannon [Book]

This book is the second part from “Kilgannon series”. They are only two books and now I am going to write about the second part.

When I wrote about the first part, it was so beautiful. It had Love, meetings, broken hearts and hard decisions. Now all changes. The main male character goes to the war, beside the others men and Mary, our Mary, becomes an afflicted woman.

This second part I don’t like the story at all. It has too much sadness and I only wanted to finish it soon because, sometimes, I push myself until the sadness too near our Mary Rose. No. I don’t think I read it again this book. Unless I have an attack of madness. Now, the story focuses itself out Kilgannon. Mary journeys at Edinburgh, London, out London… No more feel the odor for those trees. No more nice background, no more mountains and lakes. No more castle… No more Kilgannon.

Mary is so happy with Alex. Her life into Kilgannon is difficult only at the beginning. Later, Mary understands the behavior from the people around her. All is delight in Scotland until The MacDonals (Not owner of fast food) knocking at the door and Alex open it then all changes. The life will change them.

Too many tears, too many pregnant will be break away and the dreams will not come true. Mary will make journeys at too many places waiting for her husband but in the end, he will be who rescue at his wife. 

 Until the last pages, I feel very tired. Alex was very stubborn and his reason for the fight was ridiculous. I understood Mary very well and I wanted to strangle to death to Alex this very moment. No. I didn’t like the end. I will say no.  

#2 The wild rose of Kilgannon
By Kathleen Gives

2ª part of series “Kilgannon 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kilgannon ~ Book

Hello my little pumpkins!

Today is a big day for me. It’s Saturday, I’ve got a day off, I’m so happy and I would want shout over the roof. ¡Ups! Is there a lot of love in the air? Can you see, all of you, hearts waving upon the head of people? Oh, well… I think this book dominated to me. I can’t put it down.

PlotMary Lowell is an orphaned. Currently she is living with her Aunt and this very Aunt wants to find at her niece a husband before the London Season finish. But Mary wasn’t interested in get marriage. Everything changes when a man strode into the ballroom and glances Mary. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his world. Alex MacGannon is a handsome, strong, attractive, kind, with a good manners and corpulent Scottish (you know, a kind of man that not exist in the real life… ha!) They called theirselves barbarian, but they have jealous (I think so). Mary looks at that Scottish, Alex smile at Mary… Something is born.

It is 1714 (I love this era, beside 1800) London is full of the luxury and gossip women. The women are occupied with balls, dinners and dressed. Among the men raises a big problem: How will occupy the throne when the currently Queen died? The politic inside this story is very important however into the first book hasn’t too much relevancy. By the other hand, the second book will be all politic and war. Mary will be very alone herself… But that will be another article.
Now we must focus our eyes on Mary, in Alex and their love story. It’s so romantic. Alex is direct to death when he speaks. He confesses his love and his declaration and desire get marriage. He wants to lives off England, into his castle in Scotland, he wants coming back. Mary pulls herself to believe that her feelings are corrects. When Mary looks at those blue, shinies and sparkling eyes from Alex, everything changes inside her.
The young lady thinks of her life far from home and feels sadness, but when she holds that big and strong hand… Mary forgives all.

Very important! In this book has not a sex scene. Only love, kisses, huge hugs and fights by conquering one heart. Alex MacGannon has one opponent: Robert Campbell. Robert wooed Mary for two years, but he didn’t declare his love at Mary, therefore, she didn’t have a proposition of marriage. Society London is expectant with this triangle of love.
What if Mary chooses one life in Scotland with Alex?

What if Mary chooses one life in London with Robert?

Mary is driving crazy because she has a lot of moments with your thoughts. One part wants to keep one life in London beside her family. Another part doesn’t want to lose Alex and that he induces further of her body.

Ok! I don’t write any longer. I hope liked you. 
There's a second part of this book. I'm going to write about that right now!

#1 Kilgannon (1999)
By: Kathleen Gives.

Genre: Historic-Romantic, fiction, drama. 

Pages: 400


The wild rose of Kilgannon.

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