Monday, February 20, 2017

Nancy Drew #2 The hidden Staircase

Ok Everybody settles down, please. Good time for all of you!

I’ve been a little busy, but I came back for stay a while, and I didn’t come alone; the most spectacular sleuth that you have ever seen in the whole world is stay with me. Let me introduce you her new adventure:

I must admit, at the beginning, I didn’t understand the entire plot because it had a lot of new vocabulary for me. I was a bit lost, but I just went on reading and my mind opened itself for to understand the grave situation for my little friend.

No doubt, she is very strong and clever, but now in this adventure, she had two mysteries for to solve. Actually, Nancy had more worried for one mystery than another one because her father has been kidnapped! Oh, my goodness, who could be that bad person? Nancy was warned but her father didn’t take importance about that and he was taken. (That’s right! Those things happen when someone doesn't listen the serious warns about another someone) Later Nancy was warned about to left that mystery but telling Nancy not to do something only makes her want to do it more.

Nancy Drew is in Twin Elms with her friend Helen who is getting married soon. Twin Elms is an old house. It was built in a colonial era and it has a lot of passages and old things. Now in Twin Elms are happening weird things. Is it ghost? It seemed a crazy theory for Nancy, and she herself is determined to solve that rare thing, but on her way, your father needs her help as well and Nancy feel very worried, sometimes sad and another sometimes her friends cherry Nancy up.  I was shouting my head off with the hope to help my favorite sleuth. Pity, she will never ever hear me.

The mysteries go on every day most big and Nancy is every day more anxious for to find out where her father is.  Is he alive? Is he near to Nancy? Goodness only knows what they may do to Mr. Drew.

I feel compassion with Nancy because she is so kind with her friends what it doesn't seem fair for her. In this story, Nancy will put on practice all her grey cells and her abilities deductive for to solve both mysteries, but overall she will have to find at her father. If you have any time you can read this book. It’s easy and your mind will rest of tense books like “Pandemonium” “The Host” “Fifty shadows of Gray”… Ok, all depend on at your readings.

The hidden Staircase (1930)
Carolyn keene

Nancy Drew #2

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