Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Haunted Mansion

Do you like feel horror in your skin? I don't
Do you like watching blood pouring over bodies? I don't
Do you like hear a lot of screams? I don't
Do you like get goosebumps? Only if it's about R. L. Stine.

I’m a kind of person who doesn’t like horror movies and I’m always finding some movies without too much horror. I like movies like Casper, The others, What Lies Beneath or this one (between others like these). They make me feel a little shrink and that likes me but I don’t want to go more far away.

Mr. Evers (Eddie Murphy) decides to pass sometime with his family one weekend. Just before they made their way the phone ring and they are invited (well, in the first place the butler invite only Mrs. Evers but she wants to go with her entire family) to visit the old Gracey Mansion just for the purpose to sell it. Soon they will see this mansion hides a huge and dangerous secret for just one part of this family.

I liked so much! How black persons you know with such a huge mouth able to make laugh when he laughs? Not too many, I say. This movie has all you need for the night Saturday (or Friday o when you want) Time to gather your family and enjoy enough. 
It has adventure, humor, fantasy, ghosts, love, revenge... you know! It has all those necessary things for to create a good Hollywood Stew. 

It has a enjoy character like a woman into a ball glass or my favorite, four marble busts (singing-heads) with a good rhythm that could want you run far away, love them or pull your ears off. It's all up to you. 

This fantastic and amusing movie is based on a Disney theme park ride "The haunted Mansion" but today I ask you, do you really think these place like the movie really exist, anyway? I mean, in our real life. Those landscapes, wonderful for a storm night, that enormous gates with scratchy hinge, stairs seem up forever and mountain of books on study room (my favorite part, by the way) Into this old big mansion there are too many places very creepy and the same time with vibrant colors, I mean, the places are not all time dark and creepy, they can scare you having colors. I don't know, all seem chosen very well for this movie. I think your children won't have any fear.

It's a simple movie which you can like it or hate it. 
Tell me!

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