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Kilgannon ~ Book

Hello my little pumpkins!

Today is a big day for me. It’s Saturday, I’ve got a day off, I’m so happy and I would want shout over the roof. ¡Ups! Is there a lot of love in the air? Can you see, all of you, hearts waving upon the head of people? Oh, well… I think this book dominated to me. I can’t put it down.

PlotMary Lowell is an orphaned. Currently she is living with her Aunt and this very Aunt wants to find at her niece a husband before the London Season finish. But Mary wasn’t interested in get marriage. Everything changes when a man strode into the ballroom and glances Mary. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his world. Alex MacGannon is a handsome, strong, attractive, kind, with a good manners and corpulent Scottish (you know, a kind of man that not exist in the real life… ha!) They called theirselves barbarian, but they have jealous (I think so). Mary looks at that Scottish, Alex smile at Mary… Something is born.

It is 1714 (I love this era, beside 1800) London is full of the luxury and gossip women. The women are occupied with balls, dinners and dressed. Among the men raises a big problem: How will occupy the throne when the currently Queen died? The politic inside this story is very important however into the first book hasn’t too much relevancy. By the other hand, the second book will be all politic and war. Mary will be very alone herself… But that will be another article.
Now we must focus our eyes on Mary, in Alex and their love story. It’s so romantic. Alex is direct to death when he speaks. He confesses his love and his declaration and desire get marriage. He wants to lives off England, into his castle in Scotland, he wants coming back. Mary pulls herself to believe that her feelings are corrects. When Mary looks at those blue, shinies and sparkling eyes from Alex, everything changes inside her.
The young lady thinks of her life far from home and feels sadness, but when she holds that big and strong hand… Mary forgives all.

Very important! In this book has not a sex scene. Only love, kisses, huge hugs and fights by conquering one heart. Alex MacGannon has one opponent: Robert Campbell. Robert wooed Mary for two years, but he didn’t declare his love at Mary, therefore, she didn’t have a proposition of marriage. Society London is expectant with this triangle of love.
What if Mary chooses one life in Scotland with Alex?

What if Mary chooses one life in London with Robert?

Mary is driving crazy because she has a lot of moments with your thoughts. One part wants to keep one life in London beside her family. Another part doesn’t want to lose Alex and that he induces further of her body.

Ok! I don’t write any longer. I hope liked you. 
There's a second part of this book. I'm going to write about that right now!

#1 Kilgannon (1999)
By: Kathleen Gives.

Genre: Historic-Romantic, fiction, drama. 

Pages: 400


The wild rose of Kilgannon.

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