Friday, February 10, 2017

The wild rose of Kilgannon [Book]

This book is the second part from “Kilgannon series”. They are only two books and now I am going to write about the second part.

When I wrote about the first part, it was so beautiful. It had Love, meetings, broken hearts and hard decisions. Now all changes. The main male character goes to the war, beside the others men and Mary, our Mary, becomes an afflicted woman.

This second part I don’t like the story at all. It has too much sadness and I only wanted to finish it soon because, sometimes, I push myself until the sadness too near our Mary Rose. No. I don’t think I read it again this book. Unless I have an attack of madness. Now, the story focuses itself out Kilgannon. Mary journeys at Edinburgh, London, out London… No more feel the odor for those trees. No more nice background, no more mountains and lakes. No more castle… No more Kilgannon.

Mary is so happy with Alex. Her life into Kilgannon is difficult only at the beginning. Later, Mary understands the behavior from the people around her. All is delight in Scotland until The MacDonals (Not owner of fast food) knocking at the door and Alex open it then all changes. The life will change them.

Too many tears, too many pregnant will be break away and the dreams will not come true. Mary will make journeys at too many places waiting for her husband but in the end, he will be who rescue at his wife. 

 Until the last pages, I feel very tired. Alex was very stubborn and his reason for the fight was ridiculous. I understood Mary very well and I wanted to strangle to death to Alex this very moment. No. I didn’t like the end. I will say no.  

#2 The wild rose of Kilgannon
By Kathleen Gives

2ª part of series “Kilgannon 

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