Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I chose you ♥

I would like writing a letter for you. Why I chose you. Why I put my eye to you and why I want to care you forever.
Dear, let me remember you some things.

It was Christmas Eve twelve years ago when you wrote me: Good night, lady. How are you?
Woow… It isn’t something usual. No one writes you things like that every day. Not even today, because it’s something special.
At the beginning, he was so elegant with me and he knew to choose his words very carefully but he was not pretending to be elegant and gentlemanly. He was. No doubt he wasn’t like other men I knew, he never was.

After introduction ourselves we didn’t speak for a little time until New Year, then we began to speak again and he was the same like the first time. I knew it, he wasn’t a fake. It was ten years ago.

Eleven years ago we were so close. We were terribly close to our conversations. We made call each other and we were very creative when imagined stories with ourselves as main characters. They are romantic stories. I imagined him by my side and he cried because he thought never took me.

But our lives changed when one day he wrote me: I have a wedding and I have sad because all my friends have a girlfriend and I’m going to the wedding alone.
It was summer ten years ago when I took a ride from my city and we have our first meeting.

What a lovely face to face.
We had our first shaking hands.
We had our first real conversation.
We had our first true love kiss (and a friend took us a photo in this very moment)
We felling in love each other.

He went on being so gentlemanly and he was so careful with me. We were up in the air. We fed our love every day. We are so excited, but he was in one city and I was in another city. It seems us far far away.

Ten years ago I called him and asked him: Would you like come with me to my city and will you marry me?
He took one night to think about it and this very night I couldn’t sleep. What a hard and difficult wait for me. I was wondering if my love for him was driving crazy and my decision was a rush.
The next morning he sent me SMS and in short, he will come to my city and we will prepare our wedding together. How valiant he was! So gallant.

We were in love each other and after eleven years ago we are still in love each other as the first time. We take care each other with loving words, we look after each other. With every beat of our heart, we touch us. With every feeling, we look us and after eleven years ago, five change of houses, two bankruptcy and one cancer, we are just here, stick together. We are blessed with the most beautiful love we have ever seen.

I pray at my Father every night for you, for us and beg him for more pouring rain from his love, stronghold, and humility.

Thank you, Father, for his life.

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