Friday, April 7, 2017

Between God and I

I'd want talk about my relationship with my Father in the heavens, I just share a few thoughts when I'm making my stuff with Him. It's very special for me and the people know me, know it. His words are some kind of survival for me because of Him I'm alive. One day eighteen years ago I wanted to take the death and He took me away from the bad road and gave life. He made me understand my mistakes and when I more lost in my life, ran into His loving arms with my face washing in tears. (Something like this photo)

 I love feeling like a small girl with a super Father.
 I love feeling His love when I feel good and overall when I feel down.
 I love the way He removes my sadness and my worries.
 I love dancing in His promises and sleep in peace every night.
 I love as He hugs me when I’m crying and I can’t take control of it.
 I love the feeling of safety when I think I’m alone.
 I wanted to take my life away and He gave me more than I expected.
 I love having troubles and say: “My Father has everything under control”
 I love seeing all that things around me are moving for Him.
 I love every moment I stay near Him.

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