Friday, April 21, 2017

Kingyo Sukui {Summer in Japan}

Love mini graphicsAnother clear and warm sky
Stars mini graphics I feel my stomach ache like a cocktail mixer.
Stars mini graphics I’m watching “Lizzie Bennet diaries” on youtube
Stars mini graphics I’m drinking a chamomile infusion for my stomach ache.
Stars mini graphics I feel so exhausted.

Hello, everyone!
I don’t know where you are living, but the summer is coming, here, and summer is coming to Japan as well, so I remembered a game from Japanese summer festival. Do you want to know what kind of game I’m talking about? 

Kingyo (goldfish) Sukui (scooping) { 金魚すくい} 

Kingyo-Sukui is a traditional childhood game played in Japan since the seventeenth century, however, both children and adults can enjoy the game, and it’s totally normal that if you have watched anime o read the manga you’ll learn too many things about Japan and its habits. This game is one of them.
When it's summer in Japan and the girls wear yukatas, as you can buy food on the street and the sky is drawn with a lot of fireworks, among the people you’ll see children hunker down over a kind of tank. The rules are very simple; the main is catching a golden fish. The trickery thing is has a weak net. Let me explain you.

In real, the game is quite difficult and takes some skill because once the paper gets wet it breaks under the goldfish's weight and the game will over whether you have a goldfish or not. This very weak paper is called “poi” and even one part of it is broken, you can continue the game until you don’t have any part of poi for scooping properly. You have to be quick and exact in all your moves. So, there you are with a bowl in one hand and a net in the other, focus and looking for your goldfish and, I warn you, these fish are pretty fast. 

If you want a strong poi, you can pay for it giving more money at the shopkeeper and if you didn't catch any goldfish, the shopkeeper will give you one, anyway.
Maybe you think is just a fool game, but there is a national goldfish catching league as well that has very specific rules and championships.

Do you want to try?

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