Friday, March 24, 2017

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell [Series]

All begins when a few wizards who don’t practice magic, just study it, are gathering into a big church for to see really magic by the only one can perform spells. There is another person telling a prophecy impossible to break, a gentleman without occupation who will rise and become the second powerful wizard over England and a slave without name who will turn out into a king.

In that way, this series begins and this caught me very well but first things first. Firstly I read the book, a big book, and it was amazing. One day I knew about this series and I ran to read the book first (do the right things) and when I was done with the book I started with the series. Are you asking me for my favorite character? What a wonderful  fairy! Sure enough, I didn’t imagine this character like that. It was totally a big surprise because while I was reading I couldn’t imagine in my mind any person like him, honestly.  The description of the book disconcerted me. This fairy scared me in a big way more than into the book. I wouldn’t like this fairy was against to me.

 Mr. Norrel: That guy was like in my imagination. *grinning* The half-time being a child and the another half-time being a man with that silly and naïve face. Poor guy, the only purpose was to help the country but he was ambitious and that makes him decide something wrong for all of us…

 Miss Pole: I think something was wrong with this character, her personality was exalted so much as with the book and this disgusted me. Into the book, Miss Pole was more pacify and with fewer yells. Well, I suppose it is a little sacrifice for to make such a wonderful series.

 The landscape: My goodness, incredible to describe them. I could have eaten them. BBC is always wonderful with the landscape when the series is about old times. Splendid I'd say. House full of candles, letters into old papers, shelves full of books, old books, and dusty books. I love these books. Weird spells wigs, gentlemen, and fairies. The life turns into the nineteenth century and you can see a new England which is known for its wizards students. And   the clothesI want to wear something like this! In my dreams, of course, I can hear you… When will someone have pity on me and give me one dress like one of these?


This is out with Harry Potter, please. Harry Potter is one thing and this series is another. You will feel intrigued because of the original plot, madness, revenge, fantasy, horror, love and more fantasy. Actors are fabulous; you will find yourself clapping even with your feet. I did.  

Let me encourage you for reading the book first and seeing this series later. It’s wonderful. Such a wonderful England would exist in our real life, wouldn’t it?

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