Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I don’t waste my time.

-Hey, buddy. Have you an account on Facebook?
– Face… what?
-¡OMG! When on earth are you living?
-Ok, sorry. I’ll create an account, but only for a few minutes at day
-A few minutes? That’s impossible. First, you must write your status, later reply at the people, click “likes”, upload photos…
-Wow! Then, when can I do my favorites things?
-There is not time to waste on those things. Pile of junk, believe me. If you are not here, with the others, you are nothing. All people are here. Come in! Take a look on Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Tumblr

Hi, fellas!
How I miss my language for explaining things when my mind is on fire. Ok, stay calm, don’t worry (I say to myself) I’ll give my best because this is getting out of hands.

I’ll start at the beginning. Sorry about that but it’s true! Haven’t you got somebody that pushes you on network social? Our hours fly front on Pc. The day passes and our eyes only have seen others lives and we are waiting that they see our lives too. At the end, we are wasting our time creating a different person, the person which people want you to be. At the end, I understood one important thing: I only upload my best photos (my best pose, of course). My status doesn’t represent myself. I write what I want that others read. I was creating an appearance! but I was really not that thing. There is an invisible wall that doesn’t permit you to be yourself. There is an invisible law.

I began like the others around me. I created an account on one of those network social, only because I had relatives inside of one of them. Later I created other and other one and other one and the same pattern repeat itself over and over. Mother of God! I could not stop myself! It was awful. I had fallen down into a bad habit. I had left at side my favorites things.

One day I stopped myself and woke up. I put my mind to think about all of these things. In fact, I was boring. Very boring and tired for not to be who I am. I was tired of appearance in front of others. Being cool, being intelligent, being being being…  All around me was dirty with lies and false smiles. I missed dreams with my books. I missed writing stories with my music in my ears. I understood something very important. I was wasting my time. I understood network social is a great invention, but the people spoil it.

Nest of vanities. There are the best photos, the best places, the best moments, the best applause each other when, in fact, all is false. (Well, I suppose. 50% you know. I speak in general)

-Oh Tania, you are so beautiful! That photo is amazing. Where is it?
-Thanks my best friend. California. It’s Honeymoon.
-Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. XOXOXO
**** A few seconds later... 
-Hey Mary, Did you see the last photo from Tania. ¡Ha!
-Oh! Yes! She is so fat. Those jeans are awful.
-Hahaha and her husband is very ugly. Where she found him? 

Yes, fellas. These things happen. I am living it every day. It’s so sad.
The lie becomes in our form life like a normal thing. This is very sad. When I speak with my friend I am of one form. When my friend is not here, I am different. Do you desire to deceive or please anyone?  At whom? And why?

I have decided to change.
I have decided don’t waste my time with people doesn’t know who they are.
You must choose one personality.  

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