Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Host [Book]

It could have been a good book. It has a very great idea if it wouldn’t have been focused on teenagers because that messed everything. I cannot even to tell you the plot because it’s a spoiler as well.

Hi, everyone! Today I’m coming with a teenager book and I’m disappointment. Beginning to see why I leave to read teenagers books but I’m a human. It’s a huge wrong because I wish I was perfect. Goodness only knows He is the only perfect.

I was wondering if to read this book. I’ve heard a lot of opinions about this writer and her books about vampires, but there were people telling me The Host was a different book. So, this persuaded me. It was a huge wrong. Memo to me: “Don’t even think about to read any teenager book anymore

At the beginning all appeared perfect, I was tremendously happy to see this book with a great idea, but then to read the entire book I thought: “To think how this book has been focused on teenagers is that makes it all so sad” This book has too much love, more than enough and less story and have you read the end? Oh, my goodness… awful!! The end is totally up in the air. What’s that the writer wants I think, anyway? I am not here for imagine the end or figure it out. I am for to read all story, all of it. Of course, I can realize too many things but I cannot write it down at all. In this book, there are too many things for to write. There is too much story for to tell us. I don’t like this. I didn’t like with Pandemonium and I don’t like yet.

Those books aren’t serious. With this idea this book could have been for adults an amazing book with mystery and suspense and why not? With a little romance but this is all you have: A great idea confined into a long and twisted romance. Pity.
Ok. I think I didn’t say anything good about that book, sorry but there are much more bad things than good.

I’ll see you with another article the next time.

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