Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tinker Bell I [Movie]

Hi, everyone!

 Today I’m coming with a movie. I want to show you about fairies. They are good and less good fairies. Hit it!

Tinker Bell is a good movie for the people who want to learn English, It’s so easy.
I love this movie and I always watch it on the T.V.
Today I saw it with my husband. The movie has beautiful colors, and we already knew Tinker Bell’s born.
Tinker Bell is a good fairy, but she doesn’t like to be a tinker. I mean, all her life making the same thing? It’s sure that may be a little boring. She’ll ask at their friends help to her learn other talents. She’s so cute and very funny! She and their friends make me smile.

There are too many animals and they are soooo cute like Cheese the little mouse.
But as always, there is a bad girl in each story. She’s selfish and unkind with Tinker Bell. The little fairy says: Ey! Nice to meet you! And the bad girl… says nothing.
Fine! The movie taught us about the friendship anyway, to be proud of our talents and to be patient with all of them.
The seasons in the movie looks amazing! Colors are very strong and there is vibrating music. The heart jumps with the beautiful pictures.
Yes, I loved it. And another day I’ll watch the next movie about Tinker Bell and her friends.
I’m very late for pick up my magic dust.

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