Saturday, January 21, 2017

Love for Highlands ~~>

Hello, everyone!
 Today I feel dreamer. I’m reading one book about Highlands by 50%  romance and 50% politic and war. The backgrounds catch me in my mind and I can’t put it down. I love romance, I love old times and when they twist themselves I can feel exploit my heart. I read and read and read again. It’s mountains of books about this theme. I’m not tired.  Would you like know why I love Highlands? Come in! 

Well, why Highlands? Why not another place in this world? There's no doubt there are too many wonderful places outside. I can explain you my obsession anyway. I’ve been able to read a lot of books about romance about England in the Victorian era. Oh, come on! Don’t judge me. I love these books. They aren’t only about romance. Inside them, there is history, politic and mystery.

There are people thinking about these books are “sex sex boring sex for despair women and sex again” Fine. I don’t care those opinions about my reading, but for those ones who care my opinion, I must say:  Please, don’t talk about things that you don’t know. In this case, don’t talk about things that you have not read.

First, read some books about this theme and then you can come and tell me your thoughts. Second, if when you finish this book keeps your opinion… well, please, grow up and respect each people around you.

Ok. I’ve read a lot of books about historic-romance about England, Victorian era, but lately, I’ve drifted for another country. I’ve had reading about Scottish, specifically medieval and Victorian Highlands. I have learning to love this land, its leafy woods, its clear lakes, its people, its unrestricted spaces and its landscapes. You know, search in Google and look at those pictures.

In Highlands, the places are very different. I'm habituated to read about London. The luxury, nice dressed beautiful balls and dinners, the stones pavements and their carriages. I imagined it. Men with good manners with the only problem are conquering the heart from the most beautiful maid. But when one book focuses its story in Highlands everything change.

In Highlands, there are not luxuries into the houses. There are rustic houses or in this case, one big stone castle. There aren’t stones pavements; there are ground paths for horses. There aren’t elegant balls with refined people. Into the big stone castle, there are balls with loud music, loud mumbles and tons of drinks. And one very important thing: Politic. There are things that concern at Scottish and its people, in this case, our principal characters. Yes! The man falls in love and the woman is a little rebel but fall in love later anyway. But the story between them focuses itself about the politic. It is not boring, you know. 

I am not able to explain all my feelings in words, but you read one book about Victorian London and the other one about Victorian Scottish and they are not the same thing.
One part of me feels its home there. Another part of me questions itself about the God’s plan for my life here where I’m living. It’s true that the God’s plans are illegible for our human mind. Well, anyway. I’m here and I can dream.

Well!  My feelings spread forever.
I would like someday travel and know by myself Scottish instead of reading it. But you know: “All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient

Bye-bye! See you soon. 

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