Friday, August 4, 2017

It was a night beach

We were coming back at home after a perfect evening strolling close to the beach, spending a fantastic time visiting little cute shops, you know, those shops like other in places like the beach.
We took some time taking a seat on a place when our legs were hanging, I liked that, it made me feel child.
It was getting late and we got the way to go home, we arrived at there by road but we got back in a different way, by the shore of the beach.

There are only a few moments in our lives when I realize that there's no camera capable of to take those pictures. There's no even machine with enough power for capturing those feelings. It's those feelings link to those pictures as I realize there's nothing between us. It exists that moment. stepping the sand with our naked feet, holding our hands tightly, feeling the light breeze stroking our smiling faces and loose hair as upon us the sky is speckled with little white clouds which seem more vaulted than ever. It seems also almost as near as far. We were all alone there under the jet blue black sky seeing each other, giving us kisses like a big great present of love, making new vows with burning eyes.

There was just one little thing hanging out there in the dark sky, already. The full moon was the faithful witness of our love. When the night spread its black sheet across the sky, over the little waves that kissed the bleached sands, when the sea was calmed down, the moon cried. The moon cried, speechless while heard our vows of love. We could see its tears splattering the little waves, splashed us with its blessing on us, Oh! How faithful and special the moon was! There up, so high in the sky, behold everything and every person under itself and not always its crying was of happiness. Usually, there are more sorrowful tears in its big eyes than any others.
But that night... Oh, that night those tears were pure pleasure.
There was the white pearl, listening very closely, staring us and encouraging us to follow our hearts. I would have wanted to bottle up some tears from it, but I realized that the moon never would be caught by simple mortals and its perfect place would be always out there taking a seat over us like a demure princess or like a perfect listener.

Yes, like I said. There are only a few moments in our short life as even the paper isn't enough.

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