Friday, June 30, 2017

Partners in crime {BBC 2015}

 Sunny and clouds. Nice day.
 I'm listening: Prodigal {Sidewalk Prophets}
 Today I made a cheesecake of cookies.
 I'm very excited because of my new tablet 7"
 I'm happy.

Hello, everyone and very welcome to my home, I hope you are well and enjoy this day present of God. Today I'm going to tell you a few words about this series from BBC (How wonderful channel, I love it, but I'm still waiting for a series from Jane Austen "Persuasion" and "Mansfield Park" that is all)

I hope you have read although a few books by Agatha Christie, much better if those books are about Tommy and Tuppence because if that is that you already know these characters and the adventures. What happens with me? Happens that I read two or three books about Tommy and Tuppence but I just didn't read these adventures. Well, at least I read something about them, didn't I? Ok, let's go a little further.

They are 6 episodes and into them, there are 2 stories.
The first it's about since the first episode until the third. The secret adversary.

I don't like it. Sorry about that. At the beginning, all happens so fast and I certainly don't see enough reasons for make Tuppence so thoughtful. I think Tuppence has so much curiosity and it takes her further than the dangerous places. She is more worry about the case than her husband's live. Goodness! Take a breath and open your eyes, woman! Everything is a bit extreme.
By the other hand, the costumes and scenes are totally correct. It's into 50's.
This seems like another suspense movie, nothing more. Striking faces, dark places, murders on live... so creepy for me. No, I'm sorry but the first adventure wasn't made for me, plus it isn't a big deal.

The second story is since the fourth episode until the sixth, the end. N or M?

Well, we have a great difference. We don't have in London anymore, just 20 minutes or so at the beginning when London is wrapped in a dense fog and a pursuit from Tommy and Tuppence is happening, very interesting indeed, it remembered me Sherlock and his London wrapped in its thick, dense and mysterious fog. All seems more interesting when the fog is in the middle, don't you think so?
Ok, this second story goes to the beach and it'll be cold, gray and rainy. Beautiful day, isn't it?
In this adventure there is a different investigation than the first story, I think it was more intense and less violent, the scenes from the beach are as relaxing as strong and the scenes from the dock is so beautiful as well.
There is a love story and the final result is about the heart. So romantic.
This story has more investigation and fewer strikes.

Did you watch this series? Do you want to tell me your opinion about it?

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