Friday, June 9, 2017

Sense and Sensibility 2008 BBC

 I'm so excited today for all my learnings.
The exciting makes me feel tired
 I'm re-watching this very series.
 The sky is totally clear, I can hardly see any cloud.
 I feel like some chocolates right now...
 Today in the church was inspirational.

If you want to know more about that I'm about to tell you now of this story, you can click here because I'm just to go to tell you a bit from the plot. I'm want to talk about this wonderful series from BBC because this is a jewel.

I always fall in love when I see those room full of candles (I wonder if in those places would have smoke enough for to cough every time)

What kind of boredom had the people for being all time talking about to find husbands for young girls?
The job of cousin's Mary from Devonshire and his mother-in-law Mrs. Jennings working in such a thing with Marianne and Elinor and speaking of Mrs. Jennings, she is Queene from Lark Rise to Candleford, by the way.

I love the feeling in my chest something like to stifle a laugh when they are making dishes or cut the meal and someone knock the door and the four women start to prepare the place as if they had done all day reading and sewing like a real ladies. (And they are, and the men know all that but are funnier if all they pretend that nothing of it happens)

The difference between these two young sisters is disclosing after the first episode. You can see the first one like an introduction and when you open the second episode you'll see a big difference between them. Elinor copies the same manners like the others, like a good lady but Marianne thinks, "why have I conceal my feelings when they are good? I don't mind that the people say about me, I am not doing anything wrong" Elinor hides her feelings so much and Marianne shows them enough because she hates these stupid conventions. However, the problem of her is that she have to live with all of them and all these things will be present until the lasts events where each sister will learn her lesson.

Rose Rusell from Pinterest

I'd like to tell you more about the clothing and dresses but, currently, I'm searching more information for making another article because they are so beautiful. I can see how everybody seems comfortable with their clothes. I liked it its colors and styles. They seem soft and easier to wear than the seem. I love wearing bonnets, but the sad true is I don't wear it. Never. I guess my little shyness is a burden from time to time. Well, it's nothing I can speak of.

What a wonderful and gorgeous scenes. They are beside the sea and you can hear the crane, the waves in the night for you better sleeping (if you can sleep with such a sound) and the view makes me think, always. The meadow stretched forward, the wind doesn't stop of blowing, there is a litter waterfall and it seems a perfect place for a walk, read, and hide from the world. I would do it, sure. You have peace, quite silent, time to speak and listen. Beautiful place, even the small cottage matches with everything there. You won't have any building in front of this cottage that impedes you to see the sun in the mornings and the moon in the nights. Excellent, because I'm a lover of the stars. Where have I to sign?
For the other hand, you aren't going to see only grass and clear sky, the London season is about to star and you'll see London, as well, and its luxury houses as well as its balls and dinners with important, rich people who don't notice anything with less money than theirs.

I wish I was a man. Girls can never do anything.
Men can ride about the country and do things.
And girls just sit and wait for things to happen.

...::Lovely young Meg, clever girl at her age::... 

This nature is seems connected with Elinor who appears to search places where hide her feelings desperately. She is the only one living the real life and you'll see to her with her apron going one place and another cleaning, thinking, and clinging to anything for surviving in her new world, luckily, they have such a thoughtful neighbor who doesn't them to much time for thinking about her problems, moreover, this person lets them more troubles.

Ok! I could tell you so mucho things, but then you won't see this splendid series for your own. I won't go more straight.

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