Friday, June 2, 2017

Between God and I (2)

 I love singing to God and there’s no other place where I could sing in such way of passion and enjoy as when I’m in front of Him.
 I love playing guitar in intimacy with Him.
 I love talking to Him and to feel as God take me and remove all my contents of dirt for later to pour all His beautiful things into me. 
 I love reading His words and try to know about Him. It makes me think about Him.
 I love seeing my sisters and brothers. They make me happy and I like seeing them how God proceed in their lives.
 I love writing about God. My heart is poured over the sheet.
 I love talking about God. I’d take hours talking about Him.
 I love listening to the good things from my “family”. What kind of things God made in their lives every day.
 I love to behold the life through God.
 I love being a servant of God without being a slave.

 I love being Christian. 

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