Friday, June 16, 2017

Nancy Drew #3: The Bungalow Mystery

 I have a little Sneeze.
 The sun is raising now.
 I'm reading: Death on the Nile {Agatha Christie}
 I'm listening: Prince of peace {Hillsong}
 I'm thinking about if cut my hair or not... is almost summer.

Nancy and Helen are saved by Laura Pendelton on Twin Lakes under a raging storm and Laura lead them until an isolated bungalow between tall trees. This bungalow will be the most perilous experience that Nancy will have, but with her fast thinking, Nancy will solve her problems.

This is the third book about Nancy Drew I read and I'm very happy. I enjoy this lecture even when the book is focused on children, well, I'm able to read and enjoy books, as focused on children as on adult, why not? Ok, go on..

It was amazing the beginning from this book, how the author describes such a storm. Beautiful and strong, I was tense and almost without breathing with every forked lightning and when you thought everything was lost, then appear a young lady for rescue Nancy and Helen. Helen, actually, is just in the beginning, later is gone and the weight of this story is over Nancy's shoulder. And what a huge weight! I was impressed how Nancy had to disclose her problem and the problem from her father because Mr. Drew asks Nancy for help with his own case and Nancy doesn't know to say no, so Nancy has two problems and she is so happy for that.

I cannot say anything else, the book is short and if I continue my description maybe I tell you everything and then, when can you go to read it by your own way?

Nancy Drew #3 The bungalow mystery (1930)
By Caroline Keene
Genre: Juvenile Literature
Page: 204

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