Friday, June 23, 2017

Lizzie Bennet Diaries {Series on Youtube}

 I feel very energic today
 There are fleecy white clouds
 I enjoy so much my reading
 I'm listening "say the word" {Hillsong}
 I feel like to eat chocolate...

I've been thinking about the pleasure
a pair of fine eyes in te face of a pretty woman
can bestow

I’m very happy and satisfied, after watching some adaptations about “Pride and Prejudice” that I didn’t like, at last, I saw something good, obviously talking to myself, I don’t know your tastes. But at last, I found one Lizzie Bennet more elegant, without big insults, seeking the true love and speaking everything that comes up at her mind, smooth and sweet and funny. I don’t have to watch any obscenity or people drunk, neither rudeness manners nor sex everywhere. I know too many people like all these things, but that disgusting me and find out something like “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” it was wonderful -Miss Josephine acknowledge it.

Something good I saw in these vlogs, there are no restrictions when they speaking like in Regency era where everyone couldn’t speak straight because that was rude and unsuitable.
It was magnificent and really funny when Lizzie mocks to her mother in those sketches with her extreme obsession about how to married at her daughter with wealthy men. Sometimes Lizzie will make descriptions by sketches of her meeting with the others character and another time, those characters will be in the Vlog and tell us their stories.

If you know about the original story by Jane Austen you are going to recognize the situations and the characters. The meetings are different because we’re not in Regency era so Bingley won’t be found in a ball and George Wickham won’t be in a shop buying ribbons for Lydia. But it doesn’t matter, really! It seems perfect and so natural.

You’ll find this series on Youtube because Lizzie Bennet has a video blog and there she uses her time for de-stress and relief while she talks to her viewers about her problems and her events into her life. All this happen in 100 episodes, each one of 3 or 5 minutes, but I plunged myself into these episodes and inwardly I knew this was the better I had seen in too much time.

It began in 2012 and finished in 2013 and is absolutely perfect for me. Below each video, from Youtube, you can find more information about the people who will make everything.
It was a very pleasure and I'm ready for watching twice.

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