Friday, May 5, 2017

Succeed into the tempest

My Father teaches me to fight in the middle of the tempest and I don’t drift myself along to my fears or for the big waves around me gain control over my ship and knock it down.

My Father gives me strength at the moment higher the tempest, when my strength cannot grip the thick rope from the most important post and my hands are full of wounded and tear and bleed because of the rubbing from the rope, then I give up almost fainted, release the rope and He grip it instead.

My Father gives me peace while the waves swamp the entire ship, while the sail are rent in two by the powerful wind and I don’t feel any fear as the wood creaks and protests while I’m coming to my cabin because I know that my Lord is looking after everything and I can be carefree.

In my bed I find His hands waiting for me, they are curving and ready for me. They are covering me by the wind seeping in through the crack wood from the wall. Cover myself with His blanket of peace and that let me fall into sleep. I can drift alone by the sleep even when everything around me seems to sink lower because my Captain is my Lord and if I feel totally safe having my Captain who is my rudder as well, What am I afraid of? 

My Lord will take the safest road even when I don’t understand why we must to go through the tempest for going out because He knows the best for me ever.

With Him, I will repose…

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