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Curse this house {Book}

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Hi, everyone! I came up with one of my favorites books on my shelves. It's the first and the last book I read by Barbara Wood. Don't let me wrong, I loved it so much, but I went on with others books that I have.
Ok! Come on in!

If you are one of those people who doesn't save any memories from their childhood, ¿did you have the feeling that something is out your control?
You can come back at the same place and try to remember, but there’s a veil moving back and forth by a light breeze and at the end, that veil come back to hide your memories.
You can feel lost and search for the familiar faces any clue. You have lost something and people didn’t even know it, but they aren't supposed to have that thing you need, that thing for the wake up your dreams memories. That is Leyla Pemberton.

When her mother died, Leyla's only links with her heritage and family were a letter and a name—Pemberton. Resolved to seek out her past, Leyla travelled from London to the brooding mansion of Pemberton Hurst. Here she hoped to find a loving family and to unlock her mind, for she could remember nothing of her first five years of her life, spent under that very roof. Instead, she became the focus of dark secrets.

Ok, Leyla just wanted a huge hug, so he knocked the big door and in front of her, her Aunt Anna stared at her up and down while squeezed her hands faking her smile because Leyla was an unexpected visit.
Her presence was not welcome in Pemberton Hurst and that will raise painful blisters and old wounds will bleed. Everything into that big house is uncomfortable and tense, less the happiness and cheerful manners from her cousin Collin Pemberton who are annoying and irritating for the rest of his family. Collin has a tangled hair, lack of good manners, just saying himself and sometimes he is a little confused. 

Layla was a bundle of nerves, always behold everything around her even at her relatives with a little fear because the situation was out of control, and always waiting for the first mistake. Leyla wants to scrape the frost off her family and the most she wants is to find out why to exist that curse on her family.

Barbara wood made a great job with this book. The first part of this book has mystery and suspense. You have to hold the book strongly because you can feel the fear something escapes from the book. Barbara lets some crumb of mystery on the path and bit by bit you will see a bit dark memories from Leyla, a good one that she tries to hold on but it seems her mind has a high wall and it’s very difficult to even see it but she wasn't going to give up that easily.
The second part of the book the mystery faced bit by bit but we can enjoy with Collin and Leyla and, really, I don’t even know which part is better because the entire book is a great adventure and the romance and the puzzling events not even hinder for a good way to drive the story. I loved the romance and I loved the mystery. I can mix them up and I won't find anything wrong in this book.

Leyla Pemberton fights against all her family for unlocking the curse but she just has Collin by her side. The suspense was eating her alive and so do I with her in each page.


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